One of the things I love about fashion right now are some trends that actually can HELP us tall girls. Cropped jeans and little booties are so in right now. I absolutely love that I can wear my jeans and booties and have it work.  I will take full advantage of this trend until the end of time.

This look was featured on a night in Beacon Hill with two of my best friends.  We had an amazing time drinking fruity drinks and making dinner and sharing stories of all the craziness that has been going on our world.  I live for nights like this, moments like this. I will remember these for years to come. So featured here are some Loft ensembles that are great for a snowy night out in the city.  Loft modern skinny jeans pairing with little black booties for a chic “evening out” vibe. I paired this look with a Lou and Grey sweater, Loft long black cardigan and floral pattern scarf.  Warmth and comfort on cool city nights? Yes. Find these beautiful items at a Loft near you or at

One bit of advice that I want you to always hold on to – be comfortable with yourself. Fashion is a way to express yourself and really, truly feel comfort. In today’s society it is so hard for women with all of the messages that continue to come and surround us. What we should look like, what we should wear. Inner beauty is key. Love yourself and be proud of who you are, where you have come from and where you are going.


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