Delicate shoulders.

A little style advise – buy this cold shoulder cami from the Loft – NOW! The great thing about this cami is how flattering it is, and how easy to wear. Versatility is an amazing thing; the ruffles on the sleeves are flattering and bring a beautiful embellishment to your arms. I know many women who have come into the Loft with concerns regarding their arms, fear not, this blouse is still for you.

I love the way the cold shoulder part of this blouse just falls and hangs. There isn’t a real pull on your arm like some cold shoulder tops. I like this because I can still have full range of motion in both of my arms. The tank is light, and the cut is slimming for all body types. I found it was the perfect length, even for those who are taller like myself. I bought my normal size medium in this blouse.Where to wear: I would wear this top for any special event or night out. I would pair with a fun chunky necklace, bold earrings and/or bracelets. Recommended bottoms would be just about anything – skinny jeans, white denim, bold colored denim. Since this top is in black the options are endless. Go to to see some other blouses that are similar to this one in more colors. There are a few must haves to add to your wardrobe for this spring/summer.


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