Loft Style Social – part 1

I love style sessions! I love spending time with women and helping them pick out their outfits and add a little personality to their looks. That’s one of the great parts of working at the Loft, we have events called Style Socials. If you scroll down a few posts you’ll see that I shared some of my favorite pieces of our current collection right before we had our Emerald Physicians Style Social. Many of you may not know that I actually work for Emerald Physicians full time as a Scheduling Coordinator. One of the cool things I noticed over my “almost” two years at Emerald is that many of the women shop at Loft. I decided I wanted to host a Loft Style Social for my co-workers.It was a great day and we had such an overwhelming response that we actually had to make two dates for the parties. Our first style social was done last week and it was so much fun. I met some women face to face that I had only emailed! It was fun helping them shop the new line and adding on fun accessories to complete the outfits. I want to show you some of my favorite looks on two of my co-workers and tell you why I love these looks! First let me introduce your Loft staff for our first event. Katie (far left) is a Sales Lead at our store. She is so fun to work with, we love trying on clothes for each other and giving (sometimes brutally honest) feedback. I can always trust her to give me her honest opinion on anything that I try on. Jessica (middle left) is our store manager. Let me boast a little about my Jess – I have worked for her since I was like 16 (maybe? I was definitely in high school) we started together at the Gap and I have to say how amazing she is. She is selfless, dedicated, loyal and has your back. Always. She always puts the needs of the client, and her staff, before her own. I have worked many jobs and I cannot say that about many people. Now the tall, clumsy looking one is yours truly J Amanda, is the Assistant Store manager. She is another that I cannot rave enough about. I have learned so much from her. The time she takes to spend time with me, learn about my life and goals. It’s amazing having two store managers that care so much about their staff and really take time to get to know them on a personal, professional level.First, let me introduce two of my Emerald gals! Montana, left, and Lisa on the right. I have had the pleasure of knowing Montana for quite some time now, she actually was the reason I have a job at Emerald. We also go to church together and have been in each other’s lives for a few years now. On the right is Lisa, who I emailed on an almost daily basis but had the pleasure of meeting face to face at this event. It was so great getting to know her and being able to help her pick out some new clothes as well as push the envelopes of her comfort zone a little. Here are some featured Loft looks that I loved on them. Both dresses, and so different. Bright, vibrant colors, lace and bold prints. All can be found at a Loft near you or at – go grab yours today! More to come on these looks after our next Style Social coming up at the end of the month! 




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