Tie it up top.

There are a few things that stress me out in life – one of which is having to put together multiple outfits to bring places. You know, work then going out after? I hate feeling the stress of bringing hangers and not losing jewelry or a shoe between work and play. Well the good thing about Loft is that many of their pieces can be used for both. In fact, I would say all, not even many.

This dress is from this past seasons holiday line. I love this red dress it is bright, fun and flirty. I was trying to find a look that was safe for the office but also able to transform for an evening out. I threw on my black tweed jacket from Loft (few seasons ago) and paired it with black tights and booties. Kept it chic by using the waist tie as a neck piece – as featured by Loft and this look was perfect for the night out too!I love how Loft used the tie around the neck, I didn’t know if I would be able to pull this off. One I was not sure it was my style but also I hate having things around my neck. This was safe and fun, definitely helpful in pushing my boundaries and making something new work in my favor. It was a great success in the world of Style by Leanne!


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