dry shampoo.

So I have been working on this post for quite some time now. I wasn’t sure if I was going to go through with it because, if I’m honest, I haven’t found a dry shampoo that has actually worked well for me.  Well, I decided that’s no reason to not share, as many people live off of it.

So dry shampoo – what’s the big deal? Well, it soaks up oils, cleans hair and adds a volume boost. Three things that every woman loves. Honestly, my hair is so difficult sometimes. My family would tell you that I have great hair, and I won’t lie I like it, but the summer time especially is tough for me. When the heat and humidity kicks in my curls get frizzy and big. Also, tends to get greasy too.

Greasy hair is the WORST.  I found that at times the dry shampoo I have tried made my hair worse! Has this happened to anyone else? Or is it just me? Funny thing is, while I was doing my research I found the dry shampoo brands that I was using were rated as the WORST brand products. (Ironic right?!) So I did some more research and found that when I used some of the other products as suggested online, my hair reacted so much better!

Be sure to check this link out and let me know what you think about the products and if you have one you love, share!

best and worst link


Bigger can be better.

The other day I was walking down the street and was stopped by a woman who looked to be a little older than I was. She stopped me and asked where I got my dress from, I told her it was from the Loft and she said, “it really suits you well.” She was saying how she had no idea how she would style the dress that I was wearing. I was curious what exactly she meant by that, as I was wearing a patterned, floral dress. We continued chatting for a few minutes about how she felt she had “no style” and didn’t even know where to start.

I love meeting people who think that they have no style, because EVERYONE has some sort of “style”. We are all different, we have our own individual likes and dislikes. I want to show you this dress and show you how you can style it any way you want to. I personally think that prints are so bold in themselves, there really is no need to add more. Although, some may disagree and say you can never have too much of a bold outfit. This dress is from Loft this season, and there are many reasons to love it.

First, sleeves! These cute, capped flutter sleeves are great because they give you that extra coverage that you cannot always find for your arms. Many times I have women come into the Loft looking for something to hide “these arms!”. Well, this dress is great for that, if that is something that will make you feel comfortable. It’s great for any nice occasion – work, date night etc. the sleeves are light and can still be layered over if needed.

Another perk of this dress is the waistline. There is a thin, tie belt that comes with it. I like these belts because you don’t actually have to use them unless you want to. I also prefer them because they can be tied as to not draw any extra attention to your midsection which is a problem area for me. As a tall woman, with a problem midsection, I tend to have trouble with dresses that have waistlines that are defined like this. They tend to hit me in the wrong places which can make for a really unflattering look.

And finally the print. I would wear simple jewelry with this dress. The pattern is big, bold and don’t smother or take away from that. I say simple necklace, bracelets and earrings. That’s how I wear this, I make my dress the focal point because, after all, it is! However, there is no right or wrong. Make each piece your own and stay true to your own style!


Figawi Charity Ball.

Charity is something that is near and close to my heart. I think that giving back to your community and the world around you is so important. I had the joy of attending my first Figawi Charity Ball with a good friend of mine, Emmalyn. ( @emmalynbonnie ) she is a reporter for a newstation doing a feature on Figawi and I was lucky enough to be her date that night. Figawi has a really cool story (insert link) be sure to click the link to learn more and see how you can get involved.

At this charity ball there were so many great attractions to check out! Two live bands (that were amazing!), over 11 restaurants with their signature dishes being served, a silent auction, charity casino and raffles with some great prizes to be won. The proceeds went to a number of charities and they raised a great amount of money for some great causes. Be sure to check out the list of charities on the website!


Want to get involved? Look at their upcoming social events, all available online, and sign up today! Be sure to follow Emmalyn for more on the upcoming race and party!


Beacon Hill, a roof top love.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I was thinking about all the different things that I wanted to share and I wanted to take a moment to share something that is so near and dear to my heart. Boston! I love my city. I love the lights, the people and the energy that is constantly flowing 24/7. 
One of my favorite places to go is my friend Matt’s house in Beacon Hill, and not just for the gorgeous roof top view! Beacon Hill is so beautiful and has so much history. There is always something to do and see while you are in that part of town. This historic area shows off colonial Boston; narrow, brick sidewalks alongside brick buildings and homes. Take a moment to walk around and see all the landmarks and views it has to offer.

There are so many different places to grab food in Beacon Hill and all within walking distance to each other. We all pack up and walk around to our favorite spots. Sevens, Harvard Garden’s and so much more! Be sure to try all that Beacon Hill has to offer!

Now, from a blogging perspective there are ample opportunities to take pictures and have a great background and scenery for your pictures. Plus, when you have great friends to take your pictures it’s even better! Here I wore one of my new tops from Loft with some shorts and a layering tank! Simple and cute! My whole look is available at Loft –> click link for more Loft looks! Loft


Do not fear the print.

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! I’m not sure about you all but I am having a doozy of a day.  I find that when I am feeling down there is only one thing that I can do to make me feel better. Hair, make up and an adorable outfit?

One of my favorite prints is leopard – and the great thing about this print is that it will never go out of style. It doesn’t have to be a tricky print to style, just keep it simple. Some people love to make a bold statement by wearing print on print on print. Sure, sometimes that is okay but the majority of the time there is no need for that! Keep it simple and it will make more of a statement.

I love a subtle leopard print top like this one (featuring Loft).  The colors make this print pop without being overly dramatic. I paired a pale pink crop with a necklace that is simple, yet girly! I had a great time wearing this outfit and received many compliments. The top didn’t have much appeal on the table but when you try it on, you’ll take it home.

Some other ways to wear leopard are with accessories! Belts, necklace, or heels? I have them all! They can make a great pop of color and print with any outfit. Here, each of these pieces are from the Loft except the necklace which is from Charming Charlie. 


Bloopers & blogging.

One of the great things about being a fashion blogger is spending time with other girls who love fashion. I love being able to spend time frolicking through Boston & take pictures and videos with a good friend.

Kristen was home briefly and thank God for that. Having my other tall sista home is amazing. Seeing two tall girls walking together in heels is quite the sight. 

We had dinner, walked around and did our blogging posts. Kristen models which is helpful for me (the non-model) because she can snap my pics and help me with my posing! 

This city look is all Loft! Kept it chic with the black ensemble and simple jewels! I love this tweed jacket! It’s perfect for throwing on over a tank or tee, especially on a cooler night.

One thing that I always remind myself when working on my blog is to be true to myself. Be silly, have fun! Never take yourself too seriously. I am no model, I am simply a fashion lover! Of all my pictures, my bloopers are my favorite. They summarize me, my personality and my version of beauty. Perfectly imperfect!


What does it mean to have a “staple” piece of clothing? I was thinking about this today after reading an article and I really think it can have a variety of meanings. Sometimes I think of it as a statement – something that catches the eye, draws your attention in. In most cases I think of having a staple piece as having something that is versatile, easy to wear and ultimately makes an outfit come together. I have a few staple pieces in my option. I think that when you combine multiple pieces together you get an outfit that just cannot go wrong. 

This scarf is a staple piece for me. It literally brings together an outfit. It has such a mixture of colors and patterns that it is easy to pull from different colors and make a look really unique. For example in this outfit that I wore the other day; the jacket itself is a staple piece that I am in love with. The color is versatile and so is its style. Fall, spring, whenever. It will always be in style.

The layering cami is also something that I have in every color because you can wear it in so many different ways. Layering, alone? Doesn’t matter, it will look amazing. Put the three together and you have a look that is perfect. The scarf pulls colors from each piece together and has a fun springy look that is great for a day out and about or hanging with friends somewhere keeping things casual.

The jeans are cropped which is great for those in between temperatures. They have the warmth of a normal denim but they also have the look and feel of a cropped summer jean. Finding a good pair of cropped jeans for the spring/summer can be frustrating – at Loft, it’s not!

 Find these looks – use these pieces and mix and match your look for each daily adventure you take on!


5 things you must have in your purse this summer! 

Summer time is upon us and today I want to tell you my top 5 suggestions for items you “must have” in your purse for the season. In fact, I want you to have plenty of options so I even reached out to some of my best friends for their top 5 too! 

You never want to be ill prepared for any event when it comes to summer time gatherings. I find this is the time of year impromptu events come up and I hate feeling like I am not ready, even in a moment’s notice. Here are 5 of the top items that my girlfriends and I ALWAYS have on us throughout the summer.

First and foremost, lipstick/chapstick. I think that these go hand in hand. Summer time means sun, sun means burnt/dehydrated lips. Both are not enjoyable at all. Obviously making sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated is key but one thing that is also a plus to have in your purse is a great lipstick and lip balm. Coco lip balm and coconut chapstick came highly recommended to me. Coconut is amazing because it moisturizes, helping to leave your lips protected and smoothe! 

Palmers Coco Butter Lip Balm

Dry shampoo – a life saver. Seriously, whoever came up with that is an absolute genius. I’m definitely a fan. Now I have fine hair but I have a lot of it, so naturally, when the humidity kicks in it curls and gets frizzy like you wouldn’t believe. I have a few products that I love but I tend to find they can really give my hair a greasy appearance. I’m not sure what is worse… grease or frizz? Well I have a few different dry shampoos that have really done wonders for my locks. Tresemme has always been very good to me. I love their products but I found another, thanks to my cousin, that has been a great addition to my hair product line up. Big Sexy Dry Shampoo is a great find and for a great price which is even better. 

Big Sexy Dry Shampoo

Sunnies – we all love our sunnies. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, shades and let’s be honest. We look phenomenal in all of them, right? Here are some of our favorite sunnies and where they’re from! (insert pictures of the girls/me in our sunnies with links to the brand)


Perfume is something that I always keep on me. Always want to make sure that I have my favorite scent in a travel size. Personally I love Victoria’s Secret scents. They come in all different sizes perfect for home and away. 

The last thing that us ladies should have in our bag during the summer time is sunscreen. It’s so so so important to protect your beautiful skin. Avoid sun spots, skin cancer and long term wrinkles. OH! And that goes for you tan babes too, not just us porcelain gals. Want something that smells great and not just like sunscreen? Try Neutrogena – it’s my go to! 

Neutrogena Sunscreen

Those are the top 5 that we all agreed on BUT WAIT! We have more for you – here are some other products suggested by us gals. Have a suggestion? Comment on this post, email or DM me on Instagram!


Leanne (@stylebyleanne) deodorant, make up, bobby pins

Kai (@hi_imkai) Mabeline glam mascara, Ben NYC banana powder

Jessy (@jessymk) hand sanitizer, Osea face mist, hair ties

Emmalyn (@emmalynbonnie) hairbrush, makeup bag, journal, hand santizer

Kristen (@missinglink27) orbit gum, car keys, purcel, cell phone
Kaitlin (@k.pupa) Nivea moisturizer, cell phone, Swell (water) bottle


Summer bucket list.

So one of my favorite things to do each year is a summer bucket list. Call it a new summer resolution, if you will. I always choose at least 3 things to do this summer in hopes of crossing them off my list. Something new and different and potentially out of my comfort zone. This year I decided that I wanted to do something crazy but also some things that I absolutely love. So here’s my list! 

First, travel more! I rarely travel and that is something that this year I am really trying to save up and change. I booked my trip to Hawaii a few months ago to see my brother and sister in law and I am over the moon excited for this trip. I am heading out with my sister and cousin! Such a great girls trip/early birthday present to myself. 

Second, something crazy! Well, I did book myself an excursion to swim in the ocean with sharks in Hawaii. That counts as something crazy, right? I am so excited to share this with you! Be sure to check it out One Ocean Diving link // @oneoceandiving 

Lastly, fun! I love going to wineries. I think they are some of the most beautiful places. For Christmas my sister got me a sister day at the Newport Winery in Newport, RI. So that is on my list of places to visit this summer as well when we can both get the time off. 

Still need some inspiration? Here are some suggestions from my friends!

Kai (@hi_imkai) paddle boarding, Hamilton pool, bike rides

Jessy (@jessymk) weekend getaways, swim with sharks, picnics

Emmalyn (@emmalynbonnie) have a dirty banana, get in the water every weekend, make a strong friendship memory

Kristen (@missinglink27) Kings of Leon concert, go somewhere tropical

Kaitlin (@k.pupa) bonfires on the beach, Countryfest, cook more healthy recipes


hot, hot, hot.

One thing that every woman needs is a light cardigan for the warmer seasons.  I have a hard time with cardigans because I am always warm! Well, the fact of the matter is you cannot wear tank tops and strapless tops to work without something over them. So I started the search (years ago) and finally found the jackpot!

Loft came out with a longer, thin cardigan this season that I had to have. This light pink, long sleeve sweater is perfect for any occasion. Light in weight, easy to layer and a variety of colors to choose from. I highly recommend the pink, blue and cream colors!

I paired this look with a pair of dark wash, tall skinny jeans from Old Navy. I love these jeans; they are so comfortable and flattering, not to mention so long! Shop this look here! Links are added below – here are some looks from my instastories. Be sure to follow my instagram for more details!Like this look? Here are links to each piece!

Jeans – Old Navy Super Skinny Jeans link

Cami – Loft Strappy Cami link

Cardigan – Loft Cardigan link