Detox // Breakfast Shakes

As many of you know I started working with  Teami (click link!) I have been talking with some co-workers about the 30 Day Detox and challenged them to do it with me. This tea is perfect for adding to your daily routine and I have done it a number of times and had great results. It’s the perfect time to be ridding your body of toxins that are making you feel bloated (one of my problems!) and held down. 

The detox includes two teas – Skinny and Colon – check online and see some of the benefits to doing this detox. Some of the benefits include boosting your metabolism, raising energy levels, improving skin complexion and digestive issues. I personally saw changes in all of these areas and more! Be sure to check the website for more information, videos and testimonies. This product is all natural, dairy free, soy free, vegan and so much more! All natural, great for your body!


Also, I want to challenge you to check out the blog section of the website. I have found so many great recipes for food, shakes and more. This week I am trying the suggested milk shakes for the morning and I am having great success with them as I do not normally eat breakfast. Stay tuned for another post on these recipes and how I liked them.

Interested in trying Teami? Use discount code “stylebyleanne” for 10% off on me 


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