When you have the chance to go to brunch in the city, you go. Even on a rainy day! One of my favorite things to do is go into the city with my girlfriends for a meal and time together. There’s something about spending time in the city that really warms my heart. 

I love the atmosphere, I love people watching, I love seeing the tourists come through. I love taking pictures, making memories, and really soaking in the beautiful view. 

This particular look quickly became a favorite of mine, especially on a chilly rainy day. These leggings are amazing, they are a one-size-fits-all! Which I was extremely skeptical about. There from a store in Kingston, called Elizabeth’s closet. They have such great springy colors and the pattern is feminine. I paired these leggings with a loft tee, cardigan and coatigan. 

The jewelry I paired this ensemble with our from Loft and Charming Charlie. My favorite part of this look, aside from the leggings, are these earrings! Statement earrings can be so hard to find! I love the colors, and I love the layering. A great find at Charming Charlie! Be sure to check out the recent trends for these brands! 
Charming Charlie


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