Bfast Smoothie!

So I finished my first week of using breakfast shakes throught the Teami blog. I tried each of the suggested smoothies with a little modification for personal preference. I really loved the Banana Nut Smoothie and the Morning Sunrise best. I want to share these recipes here so that you can try them! Teami Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

I really felt a difference this week – having that 3 meals a day really helped in making me feel less bloated, weighed down and overall I just felt… good. I hadn’t felt that way in a long time. I paired these shakes with a mid-morning snack (veggies/fruits), a salad with protein (chicken) for lunch, an afternoon snack (veggies/fruits) and then a dinner.

Portion sizes are a big issue for me. I love carbs and I love sweets so it was hard cutting those out this week. I am looking for healthy alternatives such as whole wheat pastas and breads. As for sweets, I could use some help with a healthy option. Any suggestions be sure to comment/email or DM me on instagram!


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