knotted halter.

I had a client come into the Loft the other day looking for a halter top.  We had a few options between halters, OTS and cold shoulder tops that I figured we could help her find what she was looking for.  Oddly I came across this little number – 0 hanger appeal to me so I almost let it pass by but something told me to grab it, so I did.

This top is gorgeous. The color is great for the spring/summer time and the way it falls is so flattering, loose and feminine. I love the cross neckline, really shows off your shoulders in a way that I find extremely appealing.  The material is so comfortable and did not cling to my body in any way that would make me uncomfortable. I mean after all, women want to be comfortable.

Knotted Halter Top Link

 The key hole look where the top comes together in the front is an interesting look that gives some texture to the top of the shirt because of how it all gathers together. This top really became a favorite of mine from this new line. Now I know I say that a lot but when I say something becomes a “favorite” I really mean it. That means I own it, maybe multiples depending on color availability, and it makes me feel comfortable and beautiful.

So today I hope Saturday finds you happy and well. I hope that you are lounging in something comfortable and enjoying time with loved ones, or by yourself in solid relaxation. The weekend may be rainy and dreary but your fashion sense doesn’t have to be!  Happy Saturday!


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