Gym. Why you so scary?

One of the great things about being a young adult in 2017 is that literally anything and everything (pretty much) is at the tips of your fingers. You can look up information, buy things, plan trips, and so much more. Something that I am just starting to take advantage of is being active again. If I am honest, I fell off the bandwagon recently. Started working at Emerald almost 2 years ago where I sit for 10 hours a day and as you can imagine I’ve gained a bit of weight from that.
I find the gym to be really intimidating. As much as this probably isn’t actually happening, I always feel like I am being stared at and judged by all the meat heads lifting a bajillian pounds (you know, while I lift my 10 pounds and struggle at that). Well one of the girls that I work with at Loft invited me to her gym and I am so glad that I went with her yesterday. We did Zumba and it was SO fun! Zumba really was an easy way to have fun and exercise all in one motion. I think I felt more of a workout doing that than I ever did lifting weights or running.

Well one thing that I really want to work on before I visit my brother in Hawaii are my abs. Mainly because, I don’t have any! (LOL!) so I was searching online and looking up an ab routine that I could get started on and found a few that I think would be helpful. So to hold me accountable, and to share, I’ve added a new post regarding fitness, or just being active, on my blog.


Flutter kicks – x30 – x3 sets

Scissor kicks – x30 – x3 sets

Bicycle kicks – x30 – x3 sets

Side bends (both sides) – x15 – x3 sets

Crunches – x30 – x3 sets

Cross body touches – x30 – x3 sets

Planks (front, both sides) – 30 seconds – 3 sets

If you have a routine that you really love, or a class that you want me to try – be sure to email/DM/private message me!



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