Audaviv –> must haves! 

So as you know I am a jewelry buff. I love all different types and all different styles. One of my favorite styles of jewels is simple, classic and feminine. One of the brands that I am loving lately is Audaviv. Many of you know them through my blog/Instagram, definitely be sure to check them out! I will link their website for you to have easy access to.

 Audaviv Website link

So what I wanted to share with you from the Audaviv website are some of the designers that I really like and what pieces they currently have available that I am a big fan of. If you see something you like, grab it fast, it’ll sell out quickly. OH! When you go to check out, use my discount code “stylebyleanne” for 15% off your purchase!

So here are some of my favorites – first, let me introduce Zoeca. Featured in magazines and supplying fashion jewelry at reasonable prices their collections are inspired by traveling, architechure and cultice. Which you can totally see in their designs. I really love this brand, hence why the majority of my favorites are listed here under them! Oh, and fun fact, Zoeca is designed in Austria. Hope you enjoy some of my favorite pieces – and don’t forget there are more on the website, these are just my favorites.

Dotted Dream link

Frozen Bracelet link

NYC Dreams link

Pyramid Bangle link

Sparkling Circle link

Gold Stick Bracelet link

Summer Dance Bracelet link

My next designer is Tom Shot, coming from Berlin. These pieces are handcrafted from materials that are found in France, Italy and Germany. You can read more online through Audaviv, but the blurb explains how each piece is not mass produced, when they are sold out, they’re out. Another one of my favorites, tons more online but here are my top few!

Drops (gold) link

Drops (silver) link

Gold Layers link 

Midnight Drink link

Plate Bracelet link

Sparkle link

Twisted link

Urban Sleek link

Urban Sleek (silver) link 

Up next – Louise Kragh is handmade in Denmark! Now I agree with Audaviv’s description 100% – this is “minimalistic and versatile” I love this! I have a few pieces from them already but this is my favorite current pieces.

Embrace Me (silver) link

Ariane Jewels is a boutique in Spain. So much culture can be seen in their products, I think it really gives them an edge that stands out. I adore this bracelets but unfortunately for me, my wrists are too big for them. However, they are still my favorite so I am going to share. This bracelet comes in so many different colors, grab one today!!!

Make Me Blush link

Maruxi is a watch and jewelry band from Europe and North America. So many colors to choose from and the style is simple, sleek and absolutely can be paired with just about any trend of arm candy you want to stack on and add to your daily look. This is my favorite watch and color they have featured.

Nude Olive Watch link

Be sure to check out the website for more designers and pieces that are available. I have a few midi rings, lots of bracelets and will be looking into some new necklaces next. Again, use “stylebyleanne” for 15% off your purchase on me! Send me an email or DM me on Instagram with questions or if you want any more suggestions!


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