Summer bucket list.

So one of my favorite things to do each year is a summer bucket list. Call it a new summer resolution, if you will. I always choose at least 3 things to do this summer in hopes of crossing them off my list. Something new and different and potentially out of my comfort zone. This year I decided that I wanted to do something crazy but also some things that I absolutely love. So here’s my list! 

First, travel more! I rarely travel and that is something that this year I am really trying to save up and change. I booked my trip to Hawaii a few months ago to see my brother and sister in law and I am over the moon excited for this trip. I am heading out with my sister and cousin! Such a great girls trip/early birthday present to myself. 

Second, something crazy! Well, I did book myself an excursion to swim in the ocean with sharks in Hawaii. That counts as something crazy, right? I am so excited to share this with you! Be sure to check it out One Ocean Diving link // @oneoceandiving 

Lastly, fun! I love going to wineries. I think they are some of the most beautiful places. For Christmas my sister got me a sister day at the Newport Winery in Newport, RI. So that is on my list of places to visit this summer as well when we can both get the time off. 

Still need some inspiration? Here are some suggestions from my friends!

Kai (@hi_imkai) paddle boarding, Hamilton pool, bike rides

Jessy (@jessymk) weekend getaways, swim with sharks, picnics

Emmalyn (@emmalynbonnie) have a dirty banana, get in the water every weekend, make a strong friendship memory

Kristen (@missinglink27) Kings of Leon concert, go somewhere tropical

Kaitlin (@k.pupa) bonfires on the beach, Countryfest, cook more healthy recipes


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