5 things you must have in your purse this summer! 

Summer time is upon us and today I want to tell you my top 5 suggestions for items you “must have” in your purse for the season. In fact, I want you to have plenty of options so I even reached out to some of my best friends for their top 5 too! 

You never want to be ill prepared for any event when it comes to summer time gatherings. I find this is the time of year impromptu events come up and I hate feeling like I am not ready, even in a moment’s notice. Here are 5 of the top items that my girlfriends and I ALWAYS have on us throughout the summer.

First and foremost, lipstick/chapstick. I think that these go hand in hand. Summer time means sun, sun means burnt/dehydrated lips. Both are not enjoyable at all. Obviously making sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated is key but one thing that is also a plus to have in your purse is a great lipstick and lip balm. Coco lip balm and coconut chapstick came highly recommended to me. Coconut is amazing because it moisturizes, helping to leave your lips protected and smoothe! 

Palmers Coco Butter Lip Balm

Dry shampoo – a life saver. Seriously, whoever came up with that is an absolute genius. I’m definitely a fan. Now I have fine hair but I have a lot of it, so naturally, when the humidity kicks in it curls and gets frizzy like you wouldn’t believe. I have a few products that I love but I tend to find they can really give my hair a greasy appearance. I’m not sure what is worse… grease or frizz? Well I have a few different dry shampoos that have really done wonders for my locks. Tresemme has always been very good to me. I love their products but I found another, thanks to my cousin, that has been a great addition to my hair product line up. Big Sexy Dry Shampoo is a great find and for a great price which is even better. 

Big Sexy Dry Shampoo

Sunnies – we all love our sunnies. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, shades and let’s be honest. We look phenomenal in all of them, right? Here are some of our favorite sunnies and where they’re from! (insert pictures of the girls/me in our sunnies with links to the brand)


Perfume is something that I always keep on me. Always want to make sure that I have my favorite scent in a travel size. Personally I love Victoria’s Secret scents. They come in all different sizes perfect for home and away. 

The last thing that us ladies should have in our bag during the summer time is sunscreen. It’s so so so important to protect your beautiful skin. Avoid sun spots, skin cancer and long term wrinkles. OH! And that goes for you tan babes too, not just us porcelain gals. Want something that smells great and not just like sunscreen? Try Neutrogena – it’s my go to! 

Neutrogena Sunscreen

Those are the top 5 that we all agreed on BUT WAIT! We have more for you – here are some other products suggested by us gals. Have a suggestion? Comment on this post, email or DM me on Instagram!


Leanne (@stylebyleanne) deodorant, make up, bobby pins

Kai (@hi_imkai) Mabeline glam mascara, Ben NYC banana powder

Jessy (@jessymk) hand sanitizer, Osea face mist, hair ties

Emmalyn (@emmalynbonnie) hairbrush, makeup bag, journal, hand santizer

Kristen (@missinglink27) orbit gum, car keys, purcel, cell phone
Kaitlin (@k.pupa) Nivea moisturizer, cell phone, Swell (water) bottle


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