What does it mean to have a “staple” piece of clothing? I was thinking about this today after reading an article and I really think it can have a variety of meanings. Sometimes I think of it as a statement – something that catches the eye, draws your attention in. In most cases I think of having a staple piece as having something that is versatile, easy to wear and ultimately makes an outfit come together. I have a few staple pieces in my option. I think that when you combine multiple pieces together you get an outfit that just cannot go wrong. 

This scarf is a staple piece for me. It literally brings together an outfit. It has such a mixture of colors and patterns that it is easy to pull from different colors and make a look really unique. For example in this outfit that I wore the other day; the jacket itself is a staple piece that I am in love with. The color is versatile and so is its style. Fall, spring, whenever. It will always be in style.

The layering cami is also something that I have in every color because you can wear it in so many different ways. Layering, alone? Doesn’t matter, it will look amazing. Put the three together and you have a look that is perfect. The scarf pulls colors from each piece together and has a fun springy look that is great for a day out and about or hanging with friends somewhere keeping things casual.

The jeans are cropped which is great for those in between temperatures. They have the warmth of a normal denim but they also have the look and feel of a cropped summer jean. Finding a good pair of cropped jeans for the spring/summer can be frustrating – at Loft, it’s not!

 Find these looks – use these pieces and mix and match your look for each daily adventure you take on!


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