Bloopers & blogging.

One of the great things about being a fashion blogger is spending time with other girls who love fashion. I love being able to spend time frolicking through Boston & take pictures and videos with a good friend.

Kristen was home briefly and thank God for that. Having my other tall sista home is amazing. Seeing two tall girls walking together in heels is quite the sight. 

We had dinner, walked around and did our blogging posts. Kristen models which is helpful for me (the non-model) because she can snap my pics and help me with my posing! 

This city look is all Loft! Kept it chic with the black ensemble and simple jewels! I love this tweed jacket! It’s perfect for throwing on over a tank or tee, especially on a cooler night.

One thing that I always remind myself when working on my blog is to be true to myself. Be silly, have fun! Never take yourself too seriously. I am no model, I am simply a fashion lover! Of all my pictures, my bloopers are my favorite. They summarize me, my personality and my version of beauty. Perfectly imperfect!


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