Figawi Charity Ball.

Charity is something that is near and close to my heart. I think that giving back to your community and the world around you is so important. I had the joy of attending my first Figawi Charity Ball with a good friend of mine, Emmalyn. ( @emmalynbonnie ) she is a reporter for a newstation doing a feature on Figawi and I was lucky enough to be her date that night. Figawi has a really cool story (insert link) be sure to click the link to learn more and see how you can get involved.

At this charity ball there were so many great attractions to check out! Two live bands (that were amazing!), over 11 restaurants with their signature dishes being served, a silent auction, charity casino and raffles with some great prizes to be won. The proceeds went to a number of charities and they raised a great amount of money for some great causes. Be sure to check out the list of charities on the website!


Want to get involved? Look at their upcoming social events, all available online, and sign up today! Be sure to follow Emmalyn for more on the upcoming race and party!


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