Ride to Recovery.

Happy Sunday lovely people!

This weekend has been so exciting, and busy.  I was lucky enough to celebrate one of my cousins birthday’s on Friday before heading to New Hampshire for the Ride to Recovery Honor Ride. I cannot wait to share with you my first experience with this organization. Here in this post I am going to recap my weekend and share with you my “how to” when preparing for the week ahead.

First, I am going to give one final shout out to my cousin Kyle on his 28th birthday. I have a large family and I have to say I am so blessed. We are all around the same age and really enjoy spending time together! It’s so important to have those relationships with your family, I cannot imagine life without them. Here are a few snap shots from Friday night!

Okay, let me just rewind for a moment. I love my country, I am a huge supporter of our military and veteran’s. After all, without them I am nothing. I am so thankful for the sacrifices that they selflessly have made, and continue making, to keep me safe. Project Hero is an organization that my Aunt has been involved with. I had my first event with them and I am hooked. I want to dive in and help in any way that I can.

Ride to Recovery is a biking event that raises money to help our Veterans. I’ve linked their website so that you can take a look and get involved. Project Hero – Ride to Recovery – here is a little snip from the website that explains their cause. Click on the link to read more! “Founded in 2008 as the groundbreaking national non-profit organization Ride 2 Recovery, Project Hero is dedicated to helping Veterans and First Responders affected by PTSD, TBI and injury achieve rehabilitation, recovery and resilience in their daily lives.  Project Hero’s mission is to change the way America deals with what has become a mental health epidemic among those who have served our communities and our nation.”

Today multiple of my family members, and family friends, biked anywhere either 10, 30 or 50 miles for an amazing cause. I was able to meet many of the 500 riders and hear their stories and how they came to be involved.  After many beautiful, and tearful, conversations I was in love with the heart of these people. Strangers coming together to help our Veteran’s – how amazing is that?

There really is a need to support our troops and Veteran’s – if you are feeling lead to get involved don’t wait! And remember there is more that can be done than donating money (don’t let that stop you from contributing though!) My Mom and Dad have been volunteering for a few events and it was awesome to help out alongside them today. It was a really special day!

Okay on to the not so fun stuff – how to prep for the week. Well, I am a planner. When I say that I mean I have multiple planners to keep myself organized. I have a work/rehearsal/life planner as well as a blogging planner. If I don’t map out my life nothing would get done. Everyone’s different but I have found this is the best way for me to stay on task and not forget anything. Cell phones are great until they aren’t – pen and paper never fails!

I have some really fun content coming for you this week – stay tuned!


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