Cape Cod Fashionista – challenge

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! I hope your week has started off great. I am excited to announce a new post every Monday for my blog that is coming off of Cape Cod Fashionista. (@capecodfashionista) CCF is a brand of Loft where me and my fellow Loft girls can share our new favorites from the store and online.

One thing that I have always loved was doing fashion challenges. We decided that we wanted to start up our own fashion challenges and this week I want to introduce Hats! Be sure to join in Monday-Thursday – here’s how it works. Snap a pic of yourself in your hat, upload to Instagram and use the hashtag #capecodfashionista. Also, be sure to tag 2-3 friends to join in as well. It’s always fun doing things with your friends, so why not band together and do a cute fashionista picture together!

 We hope that you will join us! Recap is on Friday where we will share some of our favorite looks from this week’s challenge. Now, hats! There are so many different kinds of hats, you may be wondering where you can find them? Where do you wear them? Well the answer is, everywhere! I tend to find a lot of my hats at Marshalls, Charming Charlie and Loft. You can find these to be cute, fashionable and affordable.

 Find yours today and join us – we hope to see you on the hashtag!


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