Find it, for less.

One of the great things that I love about my blog is being able to learn about other people. Their likes/dislikes. I love being able to pick other women’s brains and get ideas for upcoming posts. I learn so much through other people and I think that is something valuable that all bloggers should really tune into. 

Every Tuesday I am going to try and do a tip – something that will be different, but useful, to your everyday life. Fun fact about me – when it comes to fashion “rules” I like to evaluate and normally break them. White after labor day? No. I wear white whenever I want, all year round. I love hearing about the rules that people come up with and seeing what I really think about them. That will be something that I want to share with my readers and challenge myself with!

Today’s post comes from my girlfriend Kaylen (@kaylen_bunton) she said that one of the things that she tries to find looks that she likes and then find them for a more reasonable cost. I think this is crucial because the fact of the matter is, not everyone has money to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on clothing/accessories. I like to see my fashion icons looks and then try to mimic them in a way that is affordable and also has my own personal take on it. 

Here are some looks that I love from some of my favorite actresses and musicians.


Lauren Conrad is by far, in my opinion, one of the most timeless and beautiful women in my generation. Her looks are classy, feminine and have a sweetness about them that I always look for. I love how she can take something casual, like ripped jeans, and make them into a cute ensemble with a top and shoes. She knows how to make any outfit look chic and intentional.


Jennifer Nettles is another that I love – her style can be so bold, and outside of my comfort zone. It makes me want to try new things, new trends. I think she is timeless in a totally different way, and the versatility that she has is so impressive.


Carrie Underwood, am I right? Her style has changed so much over the years but she always manages to stay true to herself. She always looks like “Carrie”. That is what I want, a changing style that ultimately doesn’t change who I am. It always has a piece of me, even when it’s outside of what my normal comfort zone would be.

Some stores that I tend to find great deals and items at vary – I always seem to find something at the Loft, Toby, Old Navy, Marshalls, Khols and Venus. Those are my immediate go to stores when trying to imitate someone’s look. I can always find something similar for an affordable price.

Also – for your instagrammers. Be sure to check out Alexis Atarian (@alexisatarian) she does her instastories with imitation inspiration. I love seeing her daily look and then seeing where she was inspired. Check it out, be inspired and be sure to try it yourself!


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