Hats! CCF challenge 

I love Friday’s! Not only is it the start to the weekend but it’s also the close of Cape Cod Fashionista’s weekly fashion challenge. Being able to scroll through the hashtag and see everyone’s unique take on a challenge is my favorite. I love feeling inspired by other women and encouraging them too! 

So let’s talk about hats for a second. How do you know if a hat is right for you? Well, there really is no right or wrong hat. As long as it fits, it’s good to go! However there are some general rules to keep in mind when finding the perfect hat. We are all made differently, that’s what is so amazing. A general rule of thumb – know what shape face you have and then rock it. Round, oval, oblong, square, heart shaped? Each will wear a specific type of hat differently. Check the brim, height and look. Don’t let a hat overwhelm your face, it’s supposed to be an accent not the center of attention.

Where to wear?

Hats are meant to be bold and flirtatious but there is a right and wrong time to wear them. If you are inside at a restaurant or nice establishment and wearing a baseball cap, take it off. If you’re wearing a fashion forward hat it is socially acceptable to wear your hat inside. That being said fashion forward hats do exclude a big floppy hat. If you are brunching outside then absolutely rock that! Just remember your audience and location. If you have a gut feeling that you should take your hat off, take it off.

Hair styles for hats – do your thing! Personally I like long locks with a fashion forward hat. I just love the way it looks. But that is not to say that you cannot rock a fun side braid or messy bun with a hat. Especially baseball caps – that gives you free reign to do whatever feels comfortable.

Be sure to stay tuned for the big reveal of next week’s challenge! Hope to see you when I scroll through the hashtag!



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