Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend has started off just the way you imagined it. I know mine has! Today I want to bring back the Style Session features with one of my best friends Kristen! Kristen and I have known each other for a few years now and trust me when I tell you, we never have a dull moment together. She’s my gypsy friend, as I never truly know where she is running off to next. I love following her journey but I love more when she is home with me. 

Kristen has dipped her toes in a little of everything, she’s so versatile! One of the passions that she is currently chasing is her modeling career. I sent her a bunch of questions about fashion and how that has impacted her choice to pursue modeling. It was really cool to learn a few new things about her and how she got started.


First question I always as is why do someone would love fashion? “I love that fashion is a way for people to express who they are. You can tell a lot about someone by how they dress. And for me, fashion is definitely a mood lifter/confidence builder.” I definitely can relate to this in many ways; I also feel as though it’s a way to express who you are, how you are feeling and what you are inspired by. It’s cool to learn about people through their sense of style.


I find that in many respects I imitate my fashion icons when trying to style my looks or shop. Kristen commented on this by saying, “I don’t have a specific icon. I get inspiration from different women and even men. I really admire people that own who they are. Even if it’s following a trend, I admire those who can take a trend and make it their own. Eva Mendez is definitely someone I admire. She can be extremely girlie and elegant at times and then totally casual other times. Yet, even when she’s casual she still looks effortlessly put together. And I’m currently obsessing over Harry Styles (guilty pleasure). I absolutely love his style. I get inspired by people who exude confidence through what they wear.”


Alright, now on to the good stuff, how did you get into modeling? “I’ve always loved clothing. My mom tells me when I was younger I had to have five different outfit changes a day(all dresses). And then when I was high school I constantly looked at fashion magazines and saw these gorgeous images and all I wanted to do was recreate what I saw. I wanted to be the girl in a gorgeous picture or the girl in a gorgeous piece of clothing. And the fact that I’m 5’11, didn’t hurt my chances. But modeling wasn’t an overnight thing for me. Like anything, it’s practice. And I had to and still have to practice…take millions of pictures, and work at it.” I love her answer, that it wasn’t an overnight thing. I think that is something important because it shows hard work and drive. Seeing how I know nothing about modeling I was curious between the runway and commercial differences and which she was pursuing. She does Commercial modeling. “I’m a size 6 so I don’t really fit into an exact category…runway/high fashion or curve model.”  


There are certain “styles” that you will never catch me in. Mainly anything super “punk” or edgy. I am more of a classic, prep style but Kristen really doesn’t fit into one particular style. “I’ll try pretty much anything. It’s just a matter of what looks good. Since I’m tall, I can’t seem to find too many overalls or rompers that work for me. I am loving 90’s right now. Just watched the movie DOPE and I’m obsessing over the style. I love mom jeans….So comfortable and flattering!! ” Now if you have been following my blog you know that I am Loft girl, 100%, Kristen has a real love for Nordstrom and Zara, she said that “if I had more money, I would shop every day.”


Defining your style – “basic and comfortable and during the summer, which is my favorite season, total beach bumish. I’m so lazy when it comes to getting dressed. I throw on whatever works. I love a good pair of jeans and an oversized top or sweater. I have an obsession with boots. I’m not a big jewelry person (I wish I was) but I wear pretty much the same gold necklace, earrings, and Michael Kors watch every day. If I get dressed up, I’ll most likely stick with jeans. I do have a signature black leather skirt that I wear all the time. It works with everything.”


Now just for fun! Kristen, what do you like to do for fun? “Eat. go to the beach. Shop.” (now can you see why we are great friends and get along so well?) Last question, and my personal favorite – tell us a fun fact not related to fashion/modeling? “I can make my tongue look like a three leaf clover.”


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