Brrrr.. CCF challenge.

I have some really exciting news for today’s Monday post! Teami is having a Father’s Day sale! Use my discount code and get 20% off any order over $34.99 as well as get a free Focus Tea on orders of $34.99 or more! Codes listed below, I HIGHLY suggest the 30 day detox tea! I have not tried the focus tea so that may be something I will be trying myself.

20% off “Lea19Dad” and free Focus Tea “leannehorafocus” buy yours today, this sale won’t be lasting long!

Now I am really excited for this week’s Cape Cod Fashionista Fashion Challenge! COLD SHOULDER! This style has exploded this year, it’s really taken over all seasons. Sweaters, dresses, tops?! All year long, cold shoulder has been in. I personally love this style because it is ultimately flattering on all body types and really can bring extra comfort to those who may be a little self-conscious about their arms.

Now the question that I get often is where is it appropriate to wear a cold shoulder? Well honestly it depends on the item. I find that it is acceptable to wear in a work setting if you have thicker straps. Nothing thin strapped or skimpy but with more coverage. Especially in the summertime, you want to avoid anything that may be unprofessional. My general rule of thumb is if you question it, the answer is no.

There are plenty of styles with full sleeves that are not too warm for this time of year. Be sure to have an assortment of tops in this style for any occasion! Flirtatious, classic and unique – there are so many different prints, colors and styles to find the top that suits your style best. I have found these tops all over. Loving the ones from Loft this season especially. Be sure to check out all of the great tops and upload your pictures to Instagram! Tag me so I can see your style!


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