Sunday recap

Sunday posts are actually my favorite of the week because I can relive everything that went on and share bits and pieces with you that you may not have seen on my Instagram or other social media. This weekend was a fun one; lots of friends, pictures and laughs. I have to say it’s always great being able to spend time with friends in the city. Really brings out the best in me! Find your crew and never let them go.

This weekend started off right on Friday with the girls, and my friend Matt, at Parish Café on Boylston Street in Boston. I absolutely adore this place because the food is amazing, view is incredible and most importantly the patio is open again. I live for patio sitting with the girls. There is nothing better! We sipped, snacked and I snapped pictures all day long.

My look for this girls day (yes, Matt is always at girls day!) was a tough one because we didn’t know if it was going to rain, be muggy or be chilly later that day. I decided to cover all my bases  with Loft skinny jeans, tiered halter top and long knit cardigan with little black sandals and my Michael Kors purse.

Saturday was a shift at the Loft then brunch with friends at Trader Eds and Bobby Byrnes on Cape Cod. It was an absolutely gorgeous day – I kept with the Loft trend with a layering tank, shawl and little black shorts from Old Navy.

My favorite day of the weekend, Sunday. Church at Osterville Baptist then home to see my family and nephews. Here is just a little sneak peak at the boys – they are getting big!

Now, looking forward – Monday is coming. I meal prepped for the week and picked out my outfits for each day and the gym too. I suggest taking a few hours on Sunday to meal prep and week prep.  You won’t feel like it’s so much of a “Monday” when everything is set and ready to go when you wake up. Here’s to a great week!

Stay tuned for this week’s Cape Cod Fashionista Challenge. I hope you’ll join!


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