Dress for your body.

Today’s Tuesday tips was in high demand! Shout out to my girl Kristen for coming up with this topic because I have had many people ask my opinion on how to dress themselves for their body. 

Here’s the deal, we all have parts of our body that we have insecurities about. I hear all the time “oh you’re so skinny” well the fact of the matter is, I’m not as skinny as people think. Yes, I am tall and thin, I’m not denying that but I am not in great shape and I have parts of my body that I am extremely uncomfortable with. The difference is, I dress myself in a way that flatters my body. Work with what you have! If you are feeling overly bloated, don’t wear something skin tight (I avoid this anyways). If you are self-conscious about your arms, wear a top that flatters them. It’s actually easier than you think!

Things to keep in mind – the basics. Color, fabric, print and sizing. That’s the majority of America’s problem. You will never see me in something really tight or made with a lot of spandex. I don’t care for that look on anyone really. Always keep colors in mind, does that mean wear black every day? (I would because I love it) but NO! Lighter colors tend to accentuate any junk in the trunk you may have. I avoid wearing light colors, especially pants/capris. I love greens and blues because they have more depth to them and tend to give a nice fun, spring look without adding any extra dynamics to you.

Stripes – I love stripes but I am really good about choosing what works and what doesn’t. Avoid anything too tight or too big. Big and baggy can almost make things worse than being too tight. Horizontal stripes are always great because they elongate your frame. 

Sizing – sometimes I find when I am styling someone that their sizes are all wrong. This can easily unflatter any part of your body because you’re either too big or too small. Really take a look at what you’re putting on and make sure it’s the right size. If you have questions about certain looks and sizing, email me! I’m happy to help. 

Keep these basics in mind and you’ll find there are ways to flatter your body. Doesn’t need to be some crazy piece of clothing to magically solve all your concerns. It is a simple fix 99% of the time, and if you find yourself in the 1%, email me and I’ll help! 


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