Work out Wednesday.

Work out Wednesday!

Well I am prepping for another session with my trainer. I am halfway done with my sessions before I head off to Hawaii. 1 more session after tonight, I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty bummed about it. I will definitely be reaching out to her about training again soon.
Well all these training sessions made me realize that a t-shirt and shorts really wasn’t too comfortable to work out in. I wanted to find some clothes that would be more work out friendly, if you will. I was having a harder time than I thought trying to find a good place to grab some pieces. I wanted good quality AND price.

I have a few friends that are trainers, and work out a lot. I reached out to them to see where they get their clothes from and found some great deals thanks to their suggestions. Be sure to check out my friends Elise and Kim – both are big into fitness and figure competitions.

I found some great deals and merch at Old Navy and Marshalls. I was able to get multiple outfits for a great price. If you know of any other places, please comment on this post I would love to know where you get your clothes from! Kim also suggested Athletica, Redline and Hylete (those are online).

Old Navy – activewear

Feeling more confident in my work out gear, I am ready to head to the gym. Happy Wednesday! Be active, get outside and take on your day. Stay tuned, next weeks Work out Wednesday post will have more updates from my training sessions with Ashleigh.


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