Question: how do you spice up last season’s wardrobe?
This is a valid question, I mean, we spend money on these clothes but how do you make them last longer than one season? Being able to transition pieces from year to year doesn’t have to be tricky. In fact, in this post I will give you a few different ways that I incorporate my “oldies” with my new pieces. 

First – accessories. I find that how you pair certain tops really can give each look different. Going to work? Keep something simple. Going out? Add something bold with some shimmer and sparkle to catch the eyes of others. Have different options for your ootd so that you can take it anywhere at any time. 

I always make sure that I buy pieces that I can get at least 3-4 (maybe more) looks out of them. Whether that is mixing and matching tops, bottoms, accessories etc the possibilities are endless. When you’re shopping think to yourself – how else can I wear this? How much wear will I actually get out of it? Using this mentality has not only saved me thousands of dollars but really broadened my wardrobe. 

Alter it completely. Have old jeans that you want to throw out? STOP! Grab some scissors and make them destructed and distressed. This look is so in right now, it’s modern and can be really chic if you pull it together just right. This is something that I am actually personally working on so stay tuned for an update. 

Buy seasonal and transitional pieces. Layer, layer, layer! Buy cardigans that can be worn in warm or cold weather. Use tank tops in the winter with jeans, boots and a big chunky cardigan. Wear a sleeveless sweater in the summer time. Buy plain tees in many colors that can be layered and spruced up with some accessories. Scarves are HUGE right now too, take advantage of that. Look for simple products and make them staples in your closet.
These are some examples of ways that I spruce up an old wardrobe. I know I preach this all the time but versatility is KEY! I wear all my clothes pretty much year round. I make them transitional between seasons and I wear them in multiple different fashions. Try using some of these tips when looking into your closet – and if you need help be sure to email me and set up a session. I would love to help anyway I can! 


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