Well this weekend didn’t go as planned. The game I was singing the National Anthem at was cancelled because of weather. And I didn’t end up having a photo shoot due to the game being cancelled. BUT Sunday is also about planning for the week. So here are some tips to try this week.

Planning for the week – last week I talked about how I plan out my week with multiple calendars and schedules. This week I want to share another strategy I use that helps make planning for the week ahead easy. I take about 2-3 hours each Sunday to prep my food and my outfits.

Meal prepping – I cook a ton of food and separate it into containers for my lunch and dinner for the week. Especially juggling a busy schedule and multiple jobs it’s so important to make sure that you have enough food, snacks and water to last you through the day. One of the products that I love to use are mason jars. I love the Ball brand because when I make salads they seal in the freshness and preserve my greens throughout the week. I highly suggest them when meal prepping.

When it comes to picking out your outfits for the week there are a few steps that I take in preparation. First, and sometimes most important, check the weather! The last thing you want to do is walk out wearing something in a rain storm. Been there, done that.

Once you know that the weather will either be in your favor, or against you, check your calendar. This is important when you need to dress for events, dinners, the gym throughout the week. If I can avoid changing too many times, I will. I would rather come prepared and not have to worry about it after that. Packing my gym bag is another thing I do on a Sunday afternoon. I pick out multiple outfits for each day and lay them out/pack them up so that they are ready to go for each day.

Now I am able to pick out my outfits and hang them up ready for the week. I plan them out from head to toe – clothes, jewelry, shoes and purses. Making sure that I have everything I may need for work and any additional events that I am going to be involved in will make getting up in the morning so much easier. I am not a morning person so being able to have my morning duties all taken care of the night before makes the morning start of great.


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