This week’s fashion challenge for Cape Cod Fashionista is Maxi’s!

Unfortunately, I have never been a real fan of this style dress. Being tall, I have found they don’t ever flatter me and are never long enough. Well, sometimes it takes a good fashion challenge to break your old stigmas and realize there are options out there for you. I have found quite a few maxi dresses that I love and that have fit perfectly for my body.

Maxi’s can be tricky; there are certain ones that are just not flatting depending on the waistline. A really synched waist can make or break a look depending your body type and height. Okay – biggest problems are length and waistline. Other than that, these are amazing looks. I do find that if you are shorter in stature it can make you look more compact, but other than that you really cannot go wrong! 

So, finding a good waistline. I try to avoid really synched waistlines to avoid the “preggers” look. Unless you are pregnant, in which case, rock it! When it cuts me right below the bust line it can give a poof that isn’t really helping me. I love tie waist dresses because you have the power to make them work however you want them to. You know your body best, you know what makes you most comfortable.  

tall girl friendly – where to find them? I am always looking for stores that are “tall girl friendly”. I have had great success with dresses in tall from Loft and Old Navy. They just are the perfect length and always have great patterns, prints and fits for myself.


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