Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!!
This week’s Tuesday tips is requested by a good friend of mine, and fellow Loft girl, Caitlin! This was a great request because it really challenged me to go outside my comfort zone to get feedback for this post. How to mix, match and pair bold tops and bottoms.

There are a few things to consider here, most importantly, what is considered bold? Well this will vary from person to person based on preference but for me it can be a variety of aspects that would make a piece bold. Color, print and cut. 

Color – for me anything that is not basic is bold. This includes your neon, bright colors like yellow, orange and red, as well as any normal color that is a little different that immediately catches someone’s eye.
Prints and patterns. This is bold depending on how you pair it. When you pair two prints/patterns together that makes a statement. It will catch people’s eyes and really grab the attention in a picture. I like to try and match floral, polka dots and stripes together. The options are endless in this sense, don’t be afraid to grab plaid or other prints too.
Cut. What I mean by this is that certain cuts of shirts/necklines really catch my eye. Anything one shoulder, off the shoulder, cold shoulder will immediately grab my attention when someone walks by. It’s something that I find really cute and feminine, I immediately gravitate towards it.
Now the really tricky part – how to pair these together. This doesn’t have to be something overly complicated. I think that the main thing that needs to be kept in mind is the colors. You can mix and match prints no problem as long as the colors work well together and ultimately compliment your ensemble. This is also important for versatility, you want to have bold pieces that can be worn in many different ways.
If you are worried about mixing and matching bold prints you can off set it a little with solid cardigans, jackets, shoes etc. This really helps in calming down your ensemble from being too “aggressive” (one of my clients always uses that term, I love it.) When taking pieces from work to play, add simple jewelry or layer a cardigan or jacket. There are many different ways to make your look a real statement, in a positive manner, of course.


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