Work out Wednesday 

Well week two of training is done, week three starts today. I have been really working hard at changing my diet and keeping to working out 5-6 days a week. This is hard, I won’t lie, but I am actually starting to enjoy it. This past week Ashleigh gave me exercises for chest/back. I was definitely feeling the burn there, and in my wimpy arms! 

Here are the exercises that she had suggested for me this week to add to my routine.


Dumbell curls – alternating

Tricep dips on bench

Dumbbell lat raises

Dumbbell front raises

Wide grip lat pull down

Push ups – knees are okay. (thank GOD!)

I just find myself being really pushed in a good way. It’s been amazing seeing the difference and also, having others see a difference. Makes it all worthwhile feeling good again. 


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