CCF maxi

This week’s Cape Cod Fashionista challenge was maxi. As I mentioned in my previous post, this is not a style you would normally find on me. Everything is always too short and tends to really not flatter my body type depending where the waistband ends up. (tall girl problems).

I decided to get out of my comfort zone a little this week and participate. I know what you’re thinking – Leanne you create these challenges – and yes, I do. BUT that doesn’t mean I am going to like all of them. It’s a challenge for a reason, even the creator needs to get a little uncomfortable and branch out.

I find there are pros and cons to maxi dresses/skirts. I’ll start with pros; coverage. Coverage is huge for many obvious reasons. You want to be able to wear your clothing anywhere. Maxi skirts and dresses are long. You may need a cardigan or jacket over a dress but for the most part you can wear these types of dresses to any occasion or event. Layering, I touched upon this briefly with the cardi and jackets. Being able to add on if it’s cooler and take off if it’s warmer is key for a year round look.

A few cons; seasonal. These dresses do tend to have a seasonal look to them. You don’t see many long dresses in the winter unless you are going somewhere fancy. There are some spring/summer maxis that have colors that can be worn year round. I always recommend grabbing a color like that for your wardrobe. Shoes, I find that I am so limited with what shoes I can wear. Flats? Sandals? What else can you put on your feet that won’t look…. weird? Also, for your girls that are shorter in stature be careful, maxis can give the illusion that you are shorter and compact. Wear colors, prints and dresses that will elongate your frame!

Now a few tips from Style by Leanne!
Watch out for horizontal stripes. I personally love them but we all know they fall differently on everyone. Make sure to keep yourself flattering and comfortable. Tall gals, watch out for bright colors and busy prints. I once had a student tell me that my pants were giving her a headache because they were bright and busy. I will always be more careful of that now. Finally – watch out for the waistline! Don’t give yourself a cupcake look (you know, muffin top/pooch, that is what I always call it on me) make sure that the waistline will fall down gently and accentuate your figure!


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