Recap & meal prep

Happy Sunday!

This weekend has been busy and eventful. I spent Friday at work and then headed up for a girls night of Disney movies and wine (I know, I know, my dream come true). I love spending time catching up with girlfriends over some wine and a great throwback movie. As a Disney buff, I go for the magic!

Saturday was a girls day at the winery! I was able to round up my closest girlfriends and we spent the morning having coffee at Blackbird Café and then had a wine tasting at Nashoba Valley Winery!
(insert links to Nashoba winery and pics from the day)

Meal prep – my least favorite thing to do for the week. I just started meal prepping. Personally, I hate it but it’s absolutely been a life changer during the week for me. I’m not scurrying around last minute in the morning trying to throw together a lunch. I can just grab, go and take on the day.

Normally my Sundays are my meal prep days. If you have kept up with my Sunday posts you know that I recently talked about planning the week and picking out my clothes for the week. It’s really made a huge difference in how smoothly my week continues.  I spend about 2 hours prepping my food for the week. I normally cook my meat that I will use and while that is happening I prep my salads, fruit and snacks. I use mason jars with sealant lids for my salads. I find the leaves stay fresh much longer this way.

Since I am on a new work out and meal plan I need to pack more food to keep my metabolism running. I normally have a breakfast shake/scrambled eggs for breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack before the gym and dinner. I’m working on a high protein diet with help from my roommate because I am awful at meal prepping.  This is a sample of what my daily intake is this week. Breakfast shake/scrambled eggs for breakfast. I am not really a morning eater so this has been the most difficult for me to keep up with. My mid morning snack is apples and peanut butter, which I LOVE! Lunch consists of a salad using spinach leaves, tomatoes and chicken. Then I follow up before the gym with an afternoon snack of hummas and carrots.  

Every little bit helps and since I am grazing throughout the day I find that my portions are much smaller and controlled which is great. If you have any suggestions for high protein snacks please let me know. I am a really plain eater, although my family would call me picky, so I don’t like a lot of different things. Always open to suggestions though!


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