Tuesday tip!

The time is here! 2 more days and I will be in sunny, sunny Hawaii! A few packing tips for you as I get ready to pack my life up. I find that it’s extremely hard for me to pack. I’m tall, all that extra fabric and big shoes/sandals (and winter time with boots? FORGET IT!) well over the years traveling from Nashville to Boston and Orlando to Boston I have learned a few tricks to help make packing smoother. 

1 – First, and in some cases most important, make a packing list. This may sound tedious but it does wonders for me. I make a list of things to bring and I have two columns to check off, on the way and on the way home. That way nothing is forgotten or left behind. 

2- Now another rule that I live by when packing; ROLL don’t fold. I thought this was the most ridiculous tip when I first heard it but I have to say it’s totally made a difference in how much I can bring. 

3- I also always bring tissue paper to put between my nicer garments and jewelry to help avoid damage during travels. You just never know who will be touching your luggage and for me it’s better safe than sorry. 

4- Liquid items – BAG THEM! I always wrap my liquid items in a large zip lock bag. I can’t even tell you the amount of times that things have exploded, leaked and ruined many of my favorite clothes. Don’t be a victim to leaking, zip them up! 

5- Be conservative with your shoes. Many times, as woman, we over pack. Shoes, sandals, heels, boots – they take up room and most of the time we don’t use all of them. Take a moment and see what you can do without. This is why finding shoes that are versatile is so important, avoids over-packing when traveling.

6- Speaking of versatility, this also applies to your clothes. Make sure that you have clothes, normally tops, that can be used in more than one way. Also, keep clothing that is less bulky for traveling. Sweatshirts and big sweaters take up room, downsize!

7- my personal travel tip – bring a scarf, at least one. You never know when you are going to need a scarf. I suggest a square one something that can be draped over your shoulders on a cooler night. Scarves have many uses, they don’t need to be around your neck. Find something that is versatile in color and style and bring it with you. You’ll be surprised how much use you will get out of it.

Now some tips to remember – here are some of the top things that are forgotten when packing. See if you can avoid this on your next adventure! Phone charger, swim suits, hair brush, tooth brush and headphones. I can say confidently that I have forgotten each of these items at one time or another. Break the cycle!


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