Well the time has come, I leave for Hawaii TOMORROW! 

Today’s post is a recap of what I have learned with my trainer. I finished my last session with her last week and I am feeling really good about my gym experience. I am feeling confident in going out and working on my own when I come back from vacation. I really wanted to have a solid grip on how the machines work, what exercises are best for my body and goals. I think it’s important to do research before diving in and this was so beneficial!


My last session with Ashleigh was probably one of my favorites, in fact, it was also one of the most difficult ones that I had. We did total body circuits – I had no idea what I was getting into. We started with weighted press step ups, 12 of them, 6 on each leg stepping up onto a box with weights in hand at a bench press position upright. Then we did ropes – 30 seconds, 2 different ways, my least favorite exercise. I felt like a moron doing this but it was intense. After the ropes I did the rower, which I love, 45 seconds. This first circuit was done 3 times!


Next circuit was taking a weighted 10 pound ball, squat to pick up, lift overhead and throw down right between your feet. 12 of these! Then 12 weighted cow ball? Bell? (still not sure) sumo squat and lift to chin with elbows raised high. This was oddly uncomfortable doing sumo squats, I wasn’t sure how they would feel but for a clumsy person they were not fun! Last part of this circuit was these ropes with handles that hung from this fixture – I totally forget what they are called – and I did bicep curls hanging from them at an angle to work my arms.


I was a sweaty mess but I felt really strong! She was great, everything was catered perfectly to what I was looking for. I was so pleased with my experience I may look into this again when I return from my vacation!


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