When push comes to shove, have that cup of coffee.

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are refreshed from a great weekend. Today I felt refreshed in one of my favorite outfits, alongside a few cups of coffee. This week I have a busy week ahead both with work and blog. Work, meetings, planning for upcoming photo shoots and coming up with content too? I’m lucky to have inspiration all around me. Sometimes friends just say “hey you should write about this” and normally, I do!
Today, I hope you’re inspired to take that extra cup of coffee and get things done today. Oh, and wear pink with polka dots. It’s the right thing to do, always!

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July style review 

Can you believe that July is over! What a gorgeous month it was here in Massachusetts. At the end of each month I like to recap my favorite July looks and events, as well as recap my monthly goals that I create for myself.

This month I set myself 6 blogger goals; 1 – add 2-3 brands to my resume to work with. 2 – get to 1500 followers (this was a stretch). 3 – collaborate with another blogger for a giveaway. 4 – Find a photographer to work with. 5 – host an event. 6 – meet a new blogger friend. Some of these things I excelled at, some of them I fell a little short, but growth is growth! Ultimately bring able to expand my “brand” is what I want to work on each month.

Here are some looks and events from July that I had fun shooting and being a part of. (brands listed below)

This Kimo is a gem from Cinnamon Girl Hawaii, paired with Loft tank, Old Navy shorts and a Michael Kors purse.

Loft top and denim jacket, Old Navy white denim, Forever 21 headband, Rocksbox jewelry and Michael Kors purse.

Charming Charlie clutch and necklace, Loft dress and sunnies, Rocksbox bracelets, earrings and ring. 

Loft dress and sunnies paired with a Francesca’s purse. 

Loft shorts, OTS top, sunnies and necklace. Francesca’s purse and Charming Charlie bracelet.

Loft tank, cropped pants and denim jacket, Charming Charlie necklace and earrings, Francesca’s purse. 

Loft shell tank, modern skinny jeans and sunnies. Francesca’s purse and Charming Charlie earrings and bracelets.


Wedding wear dos and donts 

I had a client come into Loft looking for a dress to wear to a wedding because she had some concerns regarding her dress she was planning on wearing. I am very strict when it comes to weddings. I think weddings are a sacred day, something truly special and romantic. Do not wear, or do, anything that can take the attention off the bride and the groom.

So she was talking about her dress, it was red. She said that she was told to avoid wearing red at weddings. This got me thinking about the dos and don’ts of wedding style. Here are some Style by Leanne rules that I live by, and personally think everyone else should too.

Wearing red – I think this is fine, HOWEVER, if you are wearing fire engine red with sparkles and shimmer then VETO! Being subtle is key, red is an eye catching color that draws in people’s attention. If you have to think “is this okay?” then don’t wear it, it’s probably not.

Wearing white – I really feel like I shouldn’t even have to say this but I always see someone in white or eggshell at a wedding. NO.

Weddings are this beautiful, romantic declaration of love. Stick with the theme of romance when choosing what to wear. Ruffles and lace maybe a pretty floral print, all acceptable! Avoid anything that is edgy or revealing. You’ll definitely party the night away but this isn’t a club, cover up!

Here are some options that I love for wedding season this year. Links provided! If you’re not sure, buy something below! Your bride and groom will thank you for looking so classy and making their night magical.

Loft dresses

So many options, so little time! Be sure to keep in mind most of these dresses also come in petite and tall options as well.

XO – L


5 struggles of a girl with curly hair.

Oh, sweet summertime. We all love summer but if you are a curly haired beauty, like myself, there are some struggles that can come with this beautiful time of year. I have found that as the humidity rises, so does my hair. I have many friends that also have this struggle which inspired my post today…. 

5 summer struggles for curly haired babes.

1 – hair tie dents. These are literally my worst nightmare sometimes. Having curly hair means that no matter how loose I make my ponytail, or bun, there’s a dent. Once my hair is up, it’s up!


Featuring Kristen.

2 – frizz. Every girls worst nightmare. Yes, there are many products that help manage frizz but sometimes there, in turn, looks greasy. Thankfully there are some great products that can help you out. I have quite a few that I love.

3 – hair elastics breaking. My cousin has really long, thick, curly hair and when the summer comes around she breaks out the old school hair scrunchy. Honestly, I love scrunchies because they never really indent your hair and they hold up so well!

4 – time frame to add product. I have about a 5 minute window before I need to rewash my hair and start over from scratch. Humidity and heat creep in quickly on my curls. Being able to find the time for that is imperative to having a good hair day!

5 – last but not least, one of my favorites. Fly aways! I find mine make little horns, and if I’m honest, I embrace them!

Those are the top 5 struggles of a woman with curly hair. Thank you to all my curly haired girlfriends who helped give some suggestions for this blog post, I’m glad that we all agree and have similar struggles. Be sure to embrace what you have, there are products out there, you just have to give some trial and error a try to find what works best for you.

Best of luck!

XO – L


I find there are many clients I encounter at Loft that always ask me “what colors can I wear?” this can be really tricky and, if I’m honest, I struggle with this myself. Certain hues or shades of hues just don’t work on me. For instance you will NEVER see me in orange. Trust me, it doesn’t work. 

Things to consider – your skin tone. I am extremely fair skinned and have light hair and eyes. Therefore certain shades of pink, orange and yellow are not flattering. I love my reds, purples and blues. I personally don’t know if there really is a “right or wrong”, to me it’s more of a personal preference. I do find that certain colors can make me look washed out, which is not a look that I want. 
Ultimately, I believe in inner beauty. If you are comfortable and feel beautiful that’s what matters.


Work wear

Happy Wednesday everyone!
This week’s work wear post is for the more casual job. I love this outfit, I’ve worn it to Loft many times when I was going for a cute, casual look! I combined many different accessories and pieces from some of my favorite retailers. I like this look because I can go just about anywhere with it, the denim shorts are casual but the top and simple accessories give off a feminine, classed look that can be worn to dinner or out with your girlfriends!

This Loft off the shoulder bell sleeve top is one of my favorites from this year. It’s so flowy and flirtatious, I’m obsessed! I love pairing it with a simple pair of denim shorts and sandals. (these shorts are also from Loft this year)

 Accessories – Francesca’s purse, Loft necklace, Rocksbox Earrings, Rocksbox ring and Charming Charlie bracelets. Are you using Rocksbox? If not, sign up today using discount code “stylebyleannexoxo” and your first month is free on me!




Tuesday tip – colored pants!

Something that is new for me is colored pants. I always loved the look on other people but not on myself. I’m not sure why, may have been the material of the pants especially since everything seems to have some sort of spandex in it. Well, Loft stepped up their pant game and came out with some colored crops that I have added to my wardrobe without hesitation. 

The colors are bright, yet flattering, which is hard to find. On a tall woman, with curves, I find most colors add bulk to me and give a much larger illusion to my body. (clearly not what I am looking for.) Here are the pants from Loft that I highly suggest you get yourself into. Links are provided!


Loft colored crops.


How charming! 

If you are a lover of accessories, like I am, than you definitely know the name of Charming Charlie. This brand exploded over the last few years and for good reason. If you don’t know much about this company be sure to check it out.

Charming Charlie

Long explanation shortened; Charming Charlie is a store filled with accessories. Jewelry, sunnies, purses, some clothing and even little knick knacks. They have stepped up their game even including wine glasses now! Adorable things and all for a reasonable price. Everything, with the exception of purses and perhaps some clothes are under $25.

Now, keep in mind this jewelry is not by any means something that you would pay lots of money for. But for your every day wear it’s the perfect touch. You walk in and there are tons of sections, and what makes it even better, they are COLOR COORDINATED! (yes, I raised my voice in excitement) this is so huge because many times we have a look in mind and when accessorizing here it’s easy to just go to the section you are looking for.

If you’re a fan of fashion and accessories be sure to join in this weeks Cape Cod Fashionista challenge – statement earrings! Charming Charlie is a great place to stock up on statement earrings, and more! 



Smell the roses, literally.

This lifestyle post is about stopping to smell the roses, literally. 

I love flowers; giving and especially receiving. I find that flowers not only brighten a room but my mood as well. I love having scents of lavender and more floating around me while I frolic through my day. It’s little things that make YOU happy, one of my best friends told me how it’s so important to do those little things that ultimately make yourself happy. 2017 has been a selfish year for me. I am doing things for myself and focusing on bettering myself emotionally, physically and mentally. It’s something that I have not done well with over the last few years and this was my time to change for the better.


It’s okay to be a little selfish, do it in a positive way and make yourself shine a little brighter. Do what makes you happy!


5 struggles of a tall girl.

This is my birthday week/weekend and I’m loving everything today! This is a shout out to my tall ladies! 

Often times, in retail, we listen to people talk about what works for them and what doesn’t. I love talking with tall women because they really understand the struggle that I also go through daily. Having to order things online, having things always be TOO SHORT, and never being able to find anything that fully covers yourself in an appropriate way.

One of my favorite things is trying on a dress and having it fit like a tunic. Anyone else feel me on this? YES!

So here you go – 5 things only a tall girl would understand.

1 – length. Listen, I do not care how short you are, you can always find something and cuff if needed. Finding dresses or maxi dresses is so hard. Oh and don’t even get me started on rompers – camel toe is a real thing, TRUST me. When you are tall you have to add inches. And for you wedding buffs, remember your tall bridesmaids will always have to pay extra for length. It’s no Bueno.

2 – fitting under desks/tables – holy struggle. Especially when you have legs like mine. I am all leg, and they fit hardly under anything. (was anyone else thinking this was a serious post until now?)

3 – Jackets – finding a jacket that will fit you in the waistline and the arms is a challenge. You may be able to get length going up a size but that also increases the size in the waist too. I’ve been lucky enough to find some at Loft but the majority of the time I intentionally buy cropped jackets for a fashion statement and not for warmth. 

4 – finding shoes. The majority of tall girls also have the blessing of big feet. This is something I really struggle with because it’s so hard to find shoes over a 12 in store. Suggestions are welcome!

5 – and the ultimate tall girl problem – finding tall men! (LOL!) we all want a prince charming that can reach things higher than we can, but for us tall girls, we just want someone to look us in the eyes!

I asked a few of my tall girlfriends to text me some of their daily struggles so that I could see if I was missing anything. Some of their responses were not only hysterical, but also so real. It’s a difficult thing finding something to fit your body but ultimately there are always ways around these challenges. It many ways you are able to really make an outfit unique and edgy mainly because you have to! Be creative and be sure to follow me on Instagram to see more details of how I style myself and deal with my own tall girl problems!