Today’s lifestyle post was a fun one to research and pull together. My girlfriend Emmalyn gave me the idea of blogging about classic styles – what they are and why they are relevant today. So what is considered a “classic style”? I immediately think of black and white combos, pearls, high necklines and Audrey Hepburn! 

Classic stands the test of time, always flatters all body types and ultimately will never go out of style. I was doing some research about what makes something “classic” and in many cases I have found that they tend to be more modest in style. Conservative without a lot of skin showing. Personally I love looks like this, it’s effortless yet put together. It’s a combination that compliments the woman and is tailored to her figure. 

Now, some looks that I personally love involve peplum, trench coats and most importantly polka dots. Anything that is cute and, dare I say it? CLASSIC! These are styles that were popular back in the day but are making a comeback here in the 21st century. Jump in on the trend, it never goes out of style!


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