Aloha, lets climb!

Happy Wednesday! 

First, I am NOT happy to be back at work. Absolutely killing me. BUT! I am so excited to share my first work out Wednesday post. Now, it’s been a while since my phone incident, and for those of you who are new here’s what’s cooking. About two months ago I made a lifestyle change to get in motion. I signed up for a gym membership, and have been going pretty faithfully (minus my time in Hawaii).

So every Wednesday I am sharing a work out Wednesday post – this can be anything from gym info, motion inspiration etc. the possibilities are endless! This week I am going to share some of the adventures and physical activity that I endured in Hawaii. Yes, endured is the right word. HOT, HOT, HOT weather and lots of hiking means that I am still currently recovering from these excursions!


One of the first things that we did was a hike that had an incredible view. This particular path was paved, which oddly had more resistance on my legs/knees/back than anticipated. The view was 100% worth the pain, it was absolutely stunning.

I really worked on engaging my core and keeping my heart rate up while walking a few miles up this mountain. When able, whether stepping up steps or climbing on cliffs, I made sure to do some accurate squats to engage my legs and gluts.

We also were able to scale a mountain to get down to the Tide Pools. This was more tricky but absolutely worth it once we were able to cool down in this beautiful pool. Crystal clear and cool! I loved floating around and relaxing with my family during this time. It was, by far, one of my favorite parts of the trip.

All of the work out gear that I wore while in Hawaii was either Lou & Grey or Old Navy. Stay tuned for next week, I will post more on those looks for you!


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