Rest, it’s necessary. 

Are you feeling burnt out? Exhausted? I don’t know about you but this summer has really taken a toll on my energy level lately. That being said, I decided to take a night and write about what I was feeling. It’s amazing what you learn about yourself when you let your mind and pen wander free. Turns out, even when on vacation, sometimes you need a break to be by yourself.

Something that I have been trying to implement in my daily and weekly life is “time out”. I try to give myself 45 minutes a day, more if time allows, to be alone. Decompressing from your day is something that I think everyone should do, this will help with removing that cloud spinning around your head with constant thoughts.  

Now, the real question is how do you decompress? WELL, here’s what I do, now keep in mind that this may not work for you since we are all different. I like to take my phone, put it on silent and play one of two things; Elevation Worship playlist (or a Christian playlist of some sort) or calming sounds like the ocean or rainforest. Yes, sometimes I lay there and eventually fall asleep which is perfectly alright. The fact of the matter is that my body and mind calm down and for a bit I am completely relaxed and at peace with my world.

I think this is so important in a crazy, busy world that we live in. Take time and find the routine that works for you, be sure to comment or email me with any ideas, I am always interested in learning what works for people.

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Happy Sunday!-L


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