what about the tall people?

I feel like being tall is tough. It’s a blessing and a curse and any woman who is honest with herself will agree. Sure, being short has its fashion disadvantages but remember we cannot add length! That being said, my other tall girlfriend Kristen inspired me to write this post.

What about the tall and curvy?

Well, being tall and curvy also has its disadvantages – don’t lose heart though. There are places to shop and get your perfect fit. Tops verses bottoms? Ultimately bottoms are more difficult just for length purposes. Often I get asked where I get my clothes from and the majority of them are from Loft.

Little Loft disclaimer, yes, I work for them.  That being said, I highly recommend them for our taller clients. I spent years trying to find a jean that would fit me and Old Navy and Loft are it for me. This post will mainly talk Loft denim but I will be sure to link some other stores as well.

Loft has two style pants – modern and curvy for denim and for dress pants you can choose from Marisa and Julie.  When dealing with denim there are a few things to keep in mind when you are trying to find your fit. Know your body and embrace it. Certain colors will not work for you curvier gals and certain pants will not stay up on you slimmer gals. I always think about my body when looking through jeans, there are so many different kinds, I don’t want to set myself up for failure.

Loft has a modern fit for the slimmer, slender women and a curvy fit for you who need a little more room in the hips and thighs. I wear a modern jean, always. Trial and error is the best way though, I have some friends who just happen to fit better in a pant they didn’t expect. We are all different. Here are some links to my favorite denim skinny jean in curvy and modern fits. (they are linked from the tall section at Loft.)

Curvy skinny

Modern skinny

When it comes to color, curvier women may find certain colors may give an illusion of being “wider”. I know that’s why I avoid any pastel or light color pant. I like dark, rich colors because they flatter a long frame.

Here are some links to other sites that have tall sections – be sure to check them out and if you have another place you suggest DM or email me so I can be sure to check them out!

Loft tall

Old Navy tall

Gap tall

Top Shop tall

J Crew tall

xo – L


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