Work wear, the cardigan.

Happy Wednesday! Today’s work wear post is courtesy of Loft and one of my favorite open cardigans. This Italian knit cardigan was one to not pass up last season. I’ve been searching for another for a while now hoping to come across something similar in another color. Haven’t found anything “on that level” of comfort yet, so the search continues. 

This ensemble is an all navy combination of a Ponte pant, tab sleeve blouse and cardigan with a splash of pearls to add a little sparkle. (and you know how I love sparkle!) so why all navy? Some may say this look is really dark, and you know what, you’d be right. I don’t mind a dark ensemble as long as it is slimming in nature, which this is. It’s the closest to all black I can muster up without actually wearing all black.


Features of the cardigan; ¾ sleeves and deep pockets, two of my favorite things aside from the obvious, warmth! The ¾ sleeves are great for any season and layering. Helping to keep yourself comfortable no matter what season you may be living in. Deep pockets are great because they are legit pockets in a cardigan. Literally, I can put my keys or phone in there without concern for ripping or stretching.


Final touches – some nude flats, Michael Kors purse, Loft pearl holiday necklace and Charming Charlie bangles for a little silver wrist candy!


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