3 things to remember when planning your NYE party.

With NYE being right around the corner I thought i would share with you some tips to throwing a fantastic NYE bash! There are a few things that I always include when i start planning; think about the 3 main things – food, drinks and FUN!

For food I like to keep things easy – finger foods or an actual spread? Up to you! Just remember the fan favorites (scallops wrapped in bacon!). Now for drinks always have the option for alcoholic and non-alcoholic. People like having the option. Also, keep the non-alcoholic festive too! People like to have special glasses and fun drink decor!

Now for the fun – be sure to have fun games planned and my favorite, a photo booth! You can get great props at a fantastic price! Always check for the seasonal options too, they’re so fun and festive, you can’t go wrong!


Work wear Wednesday!

I am super excited about today’s work wear post for a few reasons; first, the skirt is literally heaven in Loft. I’m a huge fan of their scuba skirts but the coloring on this is incredible for any time of year. Second, the coat! By golly, the coat is amazing. I’m so glad I snagged it when I did.

Let’s talk a little more about the skirt; I love the floppy, scuba style. I think it is so incredibly flattering on any and all body types. It’s hard to not buy every single one that Loft comes out with but when something works, you keep it. The texture of this skirt is really fun and flirtatious! I love the different colors that are brought out and how it makes it so versatile. Thing about all of the colors that you can wear!? SO MANY!

Some items that you cannot quite see because of the coat are my Lou and Grey navy blue sweater and a statement necklace from Loft. Some other add ons; tights (Loft) and tall boots (The Frye Company). The coat is a fantastic piece that Loft came out with last year. The button up front gives off a classic, Audrey Hepburn feel although in the winter you have to layer up because those are not full sleeves!

There is nothing better than feeling beautiful in your outfit of the day, I feel covered, beautiful and classic in this outfit. Like classic pearls kinda classic!


Stocking stuffers every girl needs this season.

One thing that I love to do every year is get my girlfriends little stocking stuffer gifts. Money is always tight this time of year but don’t let that fool you. There are simple ways to take advantage of sales and put together the perfect little gift for your girls, or whoever you may be shopping for. I always start at one place, the Loft. (I know, shocking) There are certain pieces that I think are great for every year. Socks, gloves, hats, beanies, scarves? These are all great mix and match items that you can really dress up and make a cute little package!

Here are some stocking stuffer gifts that I am loving this year – and with all of the great sales constantly going on this time of year, you are bound to get a fantastic deal! Mix and match or grab something a little outside the box, the options are endless.


The Jewelry Bx

I am really excited to share a new brand that I have enjoyed researching and talking with lately. The Jewelry Bx is a small business that was started by a Mother daughter team from New England. Mari, Jenna and Nina have poured their passions into a brand that promotes women and beauty. Their pieces are gorgeous, simple and elegant. I am excited to share a holiday piece that I have gotten many compliments on over the last few weeks, especially at holiday parties.

The Sparkle and Shine Earrings literally are all the “dazzle” you need, so much so that they even have that in the description! These silver earrings are lightweight and have not irritated my ears at all. I am thrilled with how versatile they are and really do add the perfect amount of sparkle in any outfit I put together. I highly recommend checking out there jewelry, link is included here.


Beware of the blush tones

Something I have always struggled with is my fair skin. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my “porcelain skin”, HOWEVER, it does make it difficult to wear certain colors. (or get a tan LOL!) Well, you may be wondering why I am on this tangent? Pastels and pale colors are trending right now and I’m going to share some of my tips to grabbing the right shade, as well as how to dress to compliment your skin tone rather than take away from it.

Blush tones are a favorite of mine; they are so delicate, feminine and have a classic essence to them. Loft has so many pale pinks and creams out right now that I was not going to miss out. How I balance it? Two main ways – accessories and dark features, such as a pant/denim. The nice thing about pale and blush tones is that you really have open reign to accessorize however you want to. I like to compliment with darker tones that match. In my opinion, it can really bring the whole look together. A plain blouse with a multi-colored scarf or statement necklace, or a dark dress with a long, fitted blush jacket can really add a little “something something” to your daily look.

I try and avoid the really light blush tones, especially the pinks. Anything that may have the potential to wash me out, I stay away from. We are all different, so what works for me may not work for you, and visa versa. Be brave, try out a new blush color this holiday season. It’s great for those holiday parties and family get togethers that we all have this time of year. My favorite blush pink top from Loft I wore for Thanksgiving paired with jeans, booties and some gold pearl necklace accessories. Best part though? The bell sleeves!


Casual Saturday’s

Well it’s been a long week, I don’t know about you all but I am so happy to see the weekend. I have a fun filled agenda of work and holiday parties happening and I am excited to see friends and family I haven’t seen in quite some time. I love the holidays, don’t you?  Today’s casual wear post is featuring some of my favorite pieces from my RocksBox this month, as well as some of my favorite winter pieces from Loft.

As the weather is getting frigid, I had to bite the bullet and start layering. For those of you who are new to Style by Leanne, I hate to layer my clothes. I am always warm and layering makes me want to die of heat stroke. (dramatic? Yes, but it’s the truth) Well this casual outfit of the day I wore to work at the Loft; Cold Shoulder top, Modern Skinny jeans and a long, beautiful open cardigan from Ralph Lauren. This look had all of my favorite colors brought together in completion by this Perry Street Astrid necklace in Gold and Crystal.

If you scroll down a few posts you will see a recap of all of my pieces from my RocksBox this month as well as my discount code, should you want to give it a try. First month is free on me! One thing I love about this necklace is how although it is a statement piece, it’s so simple in nature. Literally gold with pops of crystals and white tones. I mean, so simple. I love the way it pops on my shirt but really pulls in the tones of my cardigan. See, a method to the madness! If you are interested in checking out RocksBox use discount code “stylebyleannexoxo” and your first month is free on me. Give it a whirl!


National cupcake day.. tomorrow!

I have a little secret for you…. Tomorrow is National Cupcake Day! (YAY! Yes, I’m really excited about this) In honor of this great day, I want to share with you two of my favorite cupcake spots here in Boston. First is Georgetown Cupcakes. This place is absolutely delicious. I am absolutely, positively in love with this place.  Another place that I really love is Sweet. I’ve added links to these two places – quick, go check them out!

Georgetown Cupcakes

Sweet Cupcakes

Now, let’s look at some outfit choices for a dessert date night in the city. I have both a casual look, and another, more dressy look for this occasion. When I went to Sweet I wore a nice pair of jeans, patterned blouse (Ellie Kai) with a long, open, pocked cardigan (Loft).

Looking for something a little dressier? This Faux leather skirt (Loft) paired with a black, window pane print blouse (Loft) and a leopard peacoat (Loft) has a chic vibe when paired with tights and little, black booties.


Work Wear Wednesday!

I don’t know about y’all but this has been a long week. I was feeling particularly overwhelmed with life lately. Funny how when you finally feel like you are getting a grasp on one aspect of life, the other starts getting all out of whack. Guess that’s life, I’ve been praying for stability and that may be coming soon. God answers prayers; He holds those who are faithful to His word and promises.

This week the  “Work Wear” post highlights a great ensemble to transition from fall to winter. The sweater is an oldie but goodie from Loft paired with the navy Marisa Skinny Ankle pant. These are not new features to the blog but it magnifies the versatility of both pieces. Finding simple staple pieces make it easy to not only pick out an outfit but also expand on your accessories.

Let’s talk versatility; this ¾ sleeve sweater is lightweight, yet warm for even a cooler day or evening out. The fitted arms, chest and bottom give a flattering, yet loosely comfortable look on everyone. If you like loose and flattering this is the sweater for you.

The real eye catcher for me though when I pulled this look together was the scarf. The colors are complimentary to the cooler seasons and the pattern is eye catching, yet not overwhelming. Oh, and the best part? It’s REVERSIBLE! (Fun fact, one of my favorite things is having a piece be reversible! That’s a game changer for me!) Let’s not forget that this scarf has substance; it’s warm enough to wear around your arms like a shawl, which I have been known to do.

To pull things together I went with my casual booties, Michael Kors purse, Jord watch, Loft sunnies and this month’s Rocksbox bracelet. I love these boots, every time I wear them I always get asked where they are from and I love seeing people’s faces when I tell them Payless from like 4 years ago! (I know, crazy right?)

Well that is a sneak peek at this week’s work wear post. Loving all the fall colors and eye catching accessories!


Add a little sparkle with Rocksbox.

I am really excited to share with you this month’s Rockbox collection. I particularly loved this set because they really complimented this holiday season, and the styles that are currently trending.

This Kendra Scott Elton bracelet in Rose Gold Drusy received the most wear this month. I loved pairing it with my Jord wooden watch or some simple beaded bracelets from Charming Charlie. Really versatile and simple, yet, still a great statement piece because of the rose gold and diamond touches. Another reason this bracelet had so much wear? It’s comfortable! I cannot say that about all bracelets, especially ones that wrap around your wrist. This one was comfortable and didn’t move around or slide around my wrist constantly. (a huge pet peeve of mine)

Next, the Slate Chevron pearl studs; I love, love, love these studs. I’m not a huge stud fan, if you look in my jewelry box you won’t find many, but these ones were great! I love the pearls and the triangular fitting. It’s unique and elegant but still has a great simplicity.

Last but certainly not least is this stunning Perry Street Astrid Necklace in gold and crystal. I had a lot of fun with this piece simply because it’s not my normal statement look. I tend to gravitate towards lots of color, pearls or silver accents rather than a gold/white combo. I became really fond of the way this necklace compliments just about any neckline and the gold/white accents were a really nice, classic add on to any ensemble I put together.

So there’s a first look at my Rocksbox set this month. Just a reminder you can sign up at any time using the discount code “stylebyleannexoxo” and your first month is free on me!


5 holiday festivities you shouldn’t miss.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not only have I been blasting Christmas music for weeks now, I’ve been taking in every moment of festive holiday activities. Today I am going to share with you my top 5 favorite things to do in Boston this holiday season.

First, Christmas tree lightings; there are three main lightings that happen here in Boston, Faneuil Hall, Boston Common and the North End. (I try to make one if not all of them.) To tag off of that, my second favorite thing to do is check out all of the lights in the Boston Common. There is something so magical about the Common this time of year when you add a little snow and some lights.

Third, ice skating on the Frog Pond; this is something that I have done since I was a child with my family. This year, I went for a friend’s birthday last weekend. It was so fun and to make it even better, it snowed! FYI, they have skates you can rent, so just bring yourself.

Fourth, and new to my list is to go to Metbar for Hot Cocoa flights. This was suggested by a friend at work and I’m excited to give it a whirl. I’ve done some research and everyone I’ve talked to has raved about them. Stay tuned for a post to follow! Finally, see a show; I’ve seen some amazing Christmas productions around this time of year. Be sure to check online for both in city, and local, shows that are available. You cannot go wrong with a night out and a great show!