Swinging into spring.

I was looking through my closet the other day and noticed that I have so many swing dresses that I am constantly wearing to work. I was thinking about that, as I haven’t always been much of a swing dress kinda gal, and I realized the main reason for switching over was comfort. I love structured, flattering fitted work dresses but at the end of the day sitting in those, especially wearing a blazer, is not comfortable. I love that a swing dress can be easily layered both comfortably and in a flattering manner. In fact, since swing dresses aren’t the most form fitting dress layering them with a blazer or cardigan gives off the appeal of a more structured, flattering look. Which is what I’m always looking for.

This Loft statement ruffle back swing dress is a favorite of mine. (You may remember it from NYFW last year) Although the color is very spring/summertime chic you bet your ass you will find me styling it in the fall and winter time too. Black tights, boots and a black tweed blazer? SURE! Then to top it off, a little sparkle around the neckline. After all, the pretty ruffles in back aren’t being shown so you have to jazz it up a little bit.

Another look that I am absolutely loving is this gorgeous Medallion Sleeveless Swing Dress! It’s a must have for the spring and perfect for my upcoming vacation in just a few short days. The fit is great, in fact, I went from a medium to a large simply for length and it still was flattering and had a nice fit. So there is versatility there for you taller gals.

The fit that I am always looking for when wearing a swing dress is a structured fit through the arms, shoulders and chest then a free fall fit from there. Gives a flattering, comfortable look and feel to your work day outfit. Here are some of my wish list dresses that are hot this season.


I noticed this week that I started following a ton of new Style Collective accounts that I had not yet come across. If you are a female blogger you should absolutely check out Style Collective. It was one of the best things my girlfriend Jessy ever suggested. Not only do they have great tips, media kit guides and so much more – they are also a fun, creative, GIRL BOSS community of women who are able to support and bounce ideas off of each other. Last year I went to New York Fashion Week for the first time and attended the SC NYFW party; I was able to meet so many incredible women, many of which I still talk to on a regular basis. I love seeing them succeed, learn from their tips and pick their brain on new ideas or struggles I may be going through. It’s such a unique and amazing collection of women. Definitely check them out, it’s absolutely worth it and has changed the way I do blogging.

also, be sure to check out this gorgeous dress from Loft. Fits true to size and is perfect for any season. scroll all the way down for the direct link!

Loft dress link


Pop of color.

A few years ago there was a fashion challenge on Instagram called the #coasttocoastchallenge. It was one of my favorite accounts to follow because each week they would have style challenges and you could upload your pictures with the hashtag. It was actually one of the ways I really started getting into fashion! I loved trying challenges that I normally wouldn’t partake in. In fact, some of my blogger inspiration came from participating in these challenges. So thank you Coast to Coast Central, you lit the match that started my blogging fire!

One of my favorite challenges that they had was a “pop of color”. I love this styling technique; I have two favorite ways to show off a bold pop of color. 1- through accessories and 2- suit/cardigan wear. When it comes to accessories I can go one of two ways, classic or bold. This week I went bold with a pop of color over a bold, patterned blouse. Why is this bold? Well, in some cases I have found the pop of color over a print can create a really “busy” ensemble. That’s not exactly a bad thing but for me personally it’s too much. A classic taste for me entails an all solid look with the color simply stated through my accessories. I really like this look, however, today I went bold. This Loft blouse and statement coral/gold necklace are a go to of mine simply because I love blue and coral together. I love the way the texture of the necklace and the print of the blouse subtly fight for your attention. They are bold individually but also have the right tones to not completely overpower each other, which creates a printed chaos!

Also featured here; Loft Marisa Skinny ankle pants. My fav! Don’t you worry, curvy gals, the Julie fit is best for you.


Winter wear accessories, grab them while they’re hot! And in stock!

Right now I am finding so many great winter wear sales! Loving all the great deals on gloves, hats, headbands and scarves. This is the time to stock up and buy for next year. I love to have a fresh pair of warm, winter wear accessories for the next year, it’s like a little present you didn’t open every time winter rolls around again. My go to places for winter accessories are Loft and Old Navy! I always find the greatest deals and cutest finds both in store and online.

The main featured item is the headband – I am not much of a hat girl and beanies just aren’t my style. Headbands that are not only cute and fashion forward but also warm and weather resistant can be tricky to find. I load up and get them as gifts for my girlfriends and family too. (fantastic stocking stuffers!) This white one was from last year, aka a gift to myself for this year, from Loft. Extremely durable and SO CUTE!! Check out the sales happening now and stock up for next season, or now if you’re still dealing with cold weather like we are here in Boston!

Loft website

Old Navy website


Here to there in a bold printed dress.

Hello, Friday! Oh am I beyond happy to see the weekend. It’s been a long week and I don’t know about you but I am ready to unwind and relax for a little bit before Monday comes rolling back around. For those of you who are new to my blog one of my weekly topics is called “here to there”. The purpose of this post is to help guide your look from “here to there”, whether that is work to play or day to night. I work in the city, the last thing I want to do is pack a change of clothes and shoes and be that girl who is on the train with multiple bags. I’m all about consolidating my style to have myself in go mode at all times. How can we make this happen? There are many ways and if you click on the tab at the top of the page labeled “here to there” you can read back on some other looks that I have posted in the past.

Let’s dive into today’s post; a look that is no stranger to my blog is this brown, printed Ellie Kai dress. Some of you will remember this dress simply because it does not wrinkle. Perfect for work or a day out with your man or girlfriends! Anything that I don’t have to steam or iron is a YES.  This dress is gorgeous and absolutely able to stand on its own, however the staple that takes this outfit from “here to there” is the shoes and the belted cardigan.

Having a nice pair of leather, heeled boots is a necessity simply because of how easy it is to dress up any daily look. These were a steal that I found at Target one day and I have had them for years. They are comfortable, durable and the color is deep and rich which makes it an easy pair with the majority of my closet. Another thing I consider an asset is the height of the heel and body of the boot are acceptable for any workplace.

The Rochelle’s Boutique cardigan is another feature on the blog that will come up again and again. It can be worn two ways and the cream color matches just about anything! Plus, how cute did it look belted? It was the first time I attempted that; I’m normally not a huge fan of anything belted at the waist but in this case I loved it.

Links are here for you to look through Ellie Kai and Rochelle’s Boutique. There are so many options and styles to choose from there is bound to be something for you! Happy weekend!

Ellie Kai website

Rochelle’s Boutique website


Leopard in the workplace? Yes!

Happy hump day everyone! I hope your week is going well and your looking forward to the weekend. We are halfway there! This week’s featured work wear post highlights something that I have no fear wearing in the workplace. Leopard prints! I cannot tell you how much I love leopard print; all colors, all styles, any type of boldness. Leopard is feminine, sexy (I will address this, I know this is a work wear post!) and ultimately fierce. (rawr! Sorry, I had to)

Wearing bold prints in the workplace can be tricky, but doesn’t have to be. It’s all in how you style it. Would I come into my corporate office wearing a leopard jumpsuit? NO! But an all black ensemble with a pop of color/print? YES! Coverage appropriate? Yes. It’s not overbearing or taking away from my presenation as an employee. When I get myself dressed every morning there are 2 things I always look for; 1- coverage/modesty/length and 2- would my mother be ashamed to see me in this?

This Loft blazer is incredible. Sadly it’s not this season, but I remember there are plenty of bold blazer prints in season and available. Find something that suits your personal style and run with it. I went classic chic by keeping an all black ensemble and gold accents for accessories. This chic look is appropriate for work but especially for play! Easily could be a here to there post as well.  Sleeves are a great length, even for a tall girl with long arms. Great for layering over a tank in the spring/fall or a long sleeve in the dead of winter. The cut is crutial for me, it’s long enough for my height but also fitting through the shoulders and chest. Blazers can be tricky when trying to find something that fits in length, shoulders, chest and arm length as well. This little number checked off all those boxes and immediately was brought home from Loft. Whenever I need anything work related, I know Loft has me covered.

Here are links to the pants and tank top that are featured here in this post. I also recommend checking out the blazers that are currently in stock at Loft and Ann Taylor!

Lacy tank

Marisa skinny pants

Loft website


3 designer pieces, one low monthly cost? Sign me up!

If you are new to Style by Leanne, welcome! Today’s post is featuring one of my favorite online subscriptions, Rocksbox.  Rocksbox is unique in the sense that you can “try before you buy” and test out 3 designer pieces for a month and then either send them back, or purchase your favorites. I mean, why wouldn’t you sign up for that? Well, let’s dive into that a little further. Why did I sign up? Few reasons; first, I love the “try before you buy” mentality. I love that I can wear the jewelry for the month and either buy or send back when I’m finished. Second reason, I wanted to expand my horizon when it came to jewelry. (see why I like to try before I buy?)

My sense of accessorizing was limited before I started blogging. One of the really awesome things about this subscription is that I am able to try out new styles, especially those outside of my comfort zone, and see if it suits me or not without the hassle of a wasted purchase. How many of you have jewelry sitting at home that you bought but never wear for whatever reason? I am one of those women, but I don’t want to be.

This month’s box was incredible; my stylist needs a raise, but really. My 3 pieces were the Aster Quince Fringe Earrings, Slate Helios Necklace  and the Perry Street Teardrop Statement Studs. All of which had ample use this month. Here are some of my favorite looks from the month featuring my Rocksbox pieces.

If you are interested in giving this a whirl but need a little extra incentive, here you go! Try your first month free of charge using my code “stylebyleannexoxo”! Go, sign up now!


Etiquette to remember for wedding season.

So it happened again, one of my best friends is engaged! (Yes, Emma, I’m talking about you!) I love weddings; it’s a joyous time being a part of a loved one’s day, watching them declare their lifelong commitment to one another. Why is that so special? Well, it’s a commitment that seems to be taken for granted these days. So kudos to you all taking the plunge, staying faithful and creating a fruitful tomorrow.

That being said, us guests need to remain faithful in remembering proper wedding attire. There are certain things, as women, we need to keep in mind when we are attending and/or taking a part in another’s wedding. Unless specified by the bride, don’t even THINK about wearing anything white, off white, or even pale enough to be considered white. Just don’t do it. Grab those fun, pretty colors (remember there are tons of colors that don’t look like white.. really we have endless options!) and remember the day isn’t about you. Some other things to consider; length and modesty. Now, I know some of you are reading this post saying, “Leanne, this is stupid we know.” Well, I’ve been to my fair share of weddings and there’s one in every crowd. So clearly there is a need for reminder! I love to look for seasonal florals. Florals are a great go to because they are beautiful, feminine and classic. You really cannot go wrong with a tasteful floral! I also like polka dots, another easy go to when the right one catches your eye.

I am going to be my friend’s Maid of Honor, and an honor it truly is. Many events to have aside from the big day; there are showers, bachelorette parties! So you bridal party gals, keep this in mind. You are at the disposal of the bride. Dress cute and classy but be comfortable. There is a lot of running around that happens at these parties and the last thing you want is to be running around in tall stilettos or a dress that is so tight you can’t sit down in it. Just saying, I’ve seen it all.

I’m really excited to start working with Emma on her wedding. More posts coming at you over the next year with some great wedding ready looks! Stay tuned, but most importantly, enjoy yourself!


Don’t get behind, plan ahead.

Happy Sunday! I have been laying around being lazy with my family. Taking advantage of a free day with zero commitment to anything. Definitely something that I have to plan into my week when you juggle multiple jobs and commitments.  Speaking of being a busy bee, as most of us are, today’s post is definitely one for you. Planning ahead – that’s something that we are taught at a young age but how many of us actually do that? There are pros and cons to being a planner; sure, you’re always organized BUT then you miss out on the spontaneity of life. Well, when it comes to work I have to plan ahead. Something that I am working on for next month is looking ahead at least two weeks. It’s much easier now that I have someone helping take my pictures. I can finally plan my posts without changing them last minute.

I plan ahead in a few ways; syncing calendars, picking out your outfits for the week, gathering print outs with agendas and brainstorming. All great methods to keeping a blog afloat, which as of lately was struggling. I really give props to the women, and men, out there who are blogging and juggling another full time job. It is NOT easy, in fact, I’ve been really struggling to keep up. I really love blogging but my job is a heavy work load and my travel to and from work is long. Not making excuses but acknowledging this is difficult was a tough feat for me.

Being able to keep things moving in the direction you’re dreaming of is no easy job. There will always be bumps in the road, one thing I am taking advantage of is using my down time wisely. The more content I have cued up and ready to go, the better. Another resource that I love using is Style Collective! They have so many resources for starting a blog, staying organized and even content ideas each month. If you are a blogger, new or seasoned, definitely check them out if you haven’t already!


Work Wear – fauxy

Today’s work wear post can be summed up in two words, total comfort. This Loft dress has been featured many a time on the blog but this week I wanted to give it a new spin. I’ve paired it with cardigans, blazers etc but lately I’ve been wanting to explore some new options. Something a little out of my comfort zone. One of my favorite purchases from this season at Loft is this Fur Faux Vest (which is currently on sale btw). I love how versatile it is, I can pair it with just about any ensemble and have a fresh, great look.

Now, fur in the workplace? Personally in today’s world I think the definitions of Business Professional and Business Casual are changing. I think that it’s alright to wear fur. Fur is a statement and can really give a great edge to your daily ensemble. Also, since it’s winter, it will keep you warm and if you’re from the North East you know what I’m talking about. I like this vest because the fur is an accent itself. (although you can reverse it and wear a full fur look, if you wanted.) I think it complements the lighter tones of my floral dress but also catches your eye as a statement as well.