I noticed this week that I started following a ton of new Style Collective accounts that I had not yet come across. If you are a female blogger you should absolutely check out Style Collective. It was one of the best things my girlfriend Jessy ever suggested. Not only do they have great tips, media kit guides and so much more – they are also a fun, creative, GIRL BOSS community of women who are able to support and bounce ideas off of each other. Last year I went to New York Fashion Week for the first time and attended the SC NYFW party; I was able to meet so many incredible women, many of which I still talk to on a regular basis. I love seeing them succeed, learn from their tips and pick their brain on new ideas or struggles I may be going through. It’s such a unique and amazing collection of women. Definitely check them out, it’s absolutely worth it and has changed the way I do blogging.

also, be sure to check out this gorgeous dress from Loft. Fits true to size and is perfect for any season. scroll all the way down for the direct link!

Loft dress link


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