Swinging into spring.

I was looking through my closet the other day and noticed that I have so many swing dresses that I am constantly wearing to work. I was thinking about that, as I haven’t always been much of a swing dress kinda gal, and I realized the main reason for switching over was comfort. I love structured, flattering fitted work dresses but at the end of the day sitting in those, especially wearing a blazer, is not comfortable. I love that a swing dress can be easily layered both comfortably and in a flattering manner. In fact, since swing dresses aren’t the most form fitting dress layering them with a blazer or cardigan gives off the appeal of a more structured, flattering look. Which is what I’m always looking for.

This Loft statement ruffle back swing dress is a favorite of mine. (You may remember it from NYFW last year) Although the color is very spring/summertime chic you bet your ass you will find me styling it in the fall and winter time too. Black tights, boots and a black tweed blazer? SURE! Then to top it off, a little sparkle around the neckline. After all, the pretty ruffles in back aren’t being shown so you have to jazz it up a little bit.

Another look that I am absolutely loving is this gorgeous Medallion Sleeveless Swing Dress! It’s a must have for the spring and perfect for my upcoming vacation in just a few short days. The fit is great, in fact, I went from a medium to a large simply for length and it still was flattering and had a nice fit. So there is versatility there for you taller gals.

The fit that I am always looking for when wearing a swing dress is a structured fit through the arms, shoulders and chest then a free fall fit from there. Gives a flattering, comfortable look and feel to your work day outfit. Here are some of my wish list dresses that are hot this season.


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