5 holiday festivities you shouldn’t miss.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not only have I been blasting Christmas music for weeks now, I’ve been taking in every moment of festive holiday activities. Today I am going to share with you my top 5 favorite things to do in Boston this holiday season.

First, Christmas tree lightings; there are three main lightings that happen here in Boston, Faneuil Hall, Boston Common and the North End. (I try to make one if not all of them.) To tag off of that, my second favorite thing to do is check out all of the lights in the Boston Common. There is something so magical about the Common this time of year when you add a little snow and some lights.

Third, ice skating on the Frog Pond; this is something that I have done since I was a child with my family. This year, I went for a friend’s birthday last weekend. It was so fun and to make it even better, it snowed! FYI, they have skates you can rent, so just bring yourself.

Fourth, and new to my list is to go to Metbar for Hot Cocoa flights. This was suggested by a friend at work and I’m excited to give it a whirl. I’ve done some research and everyone I’ve talked to has raved about them. Stay tuned for a post to follow! Finally, see a show; I’ve seen some amazing Christmas productions around this time of year. Be sure to check online for both in city, and local, shows that are available. You cannot go wrong with a night out and a great show!


Be game day ready.

Hey, hey! It’s game day! Today you will find all the nitty, gritty details to pulling together the perfect game day ensemble. I remember in college seeing girls getting all decked out for games, COME ON LADIES! Not necessary. Think about your surroundings, weather and the sport you are watching. There are times and places for looking chicly, fabulous and times where you should keep it cute and casual. (And that is just my opinion)

Here in New England game day is a sacred day for you avid Pats fans. I know, because I am one of them. I have found that often when I am out for the game I get many compliments on my apparel being paired in my own style. Hence, this post – well for me cute and casual is the way to go. That’s my game day motto.

Do not dress to impress. Ultimately that will end up with you being very upset that your pretty dress or blouse had beer spilled on it multiple times by a bunch of rowdy guys. I always stick to the basics; game day tee and jeans (or leggings in the winter). It’s really easy to still look chic while dressing down. I do it in three main ways; 1- what’s on your feet? Booties! I love keeping my ensemble classic with a nice pair of tall or short boots. Here I paired some tall, black boots with my black Lou & Grey leggings and tall socks. Giving you extra warmth in your toes while adding extra miles to your already long, slim figure. 2- I always add a cardigan in the winter. This Lou & Grey coatigan is a MUST during these cold winter months. I can wear it as a jacket and a cardigan – get it coatigan? 3- accessories! This is where you can really get creative based on your style preference. I personally like to keep things simple – bracelets. Here I was wearing, although hard to tell, Audaviv and Loft delicate bracelets. Went perfectly with my champagne, then again, everything goes well with champagne.

Some other things to keep in mind for game day; where are you watching the game? What’s the weather like? What kind of food will be served? Thinking about staying away from light colors? Yes, beer and other bevs can stain!!

There you go, a few tips to keeping your game day look cute and comfy! GO PATRIOTS!


Confession of a human..

Confession time, my blog has been on hold. Now this is changing but I was talking to a friend who said “BE HONEST”. It makes sense, y’all come along and participate in my life – time to come clean.

I’ve been preoccupied lately. A dear family member of mine has been really sick and this just hasn’t been a priority. Prayer has been. I’ve hit my knees more these last few weeks than I have in quite a while. (Which isn’t good either but that’s for another time)

Praise God things are looking up! (Funny story, I’m writing this post on my cell phone and Siri has changed “things” to “thongs” like 4 times! Lmao!!!) my point is, life happens and I shouldn’t be beating myself up for my lack of posts over the last few weeks. I’ve learned a lot over this time of intense prayer; God is good. He is bigger than my fears. Lifting many songs of praise tonight.

So that being said, hoping to kick up some content for you over these next few days. Hang tight, friends.


what’s hot this holiday?

I was at Loft working the other day and there seemed to be one question constantly popping up, “what’s hot this holiday?”. Well, I’m here to fill you in! There are a few trends that are taking off this season, or should I say, making a come back! Now, I will not lie to you, I’m not a huge fan of a few of them but Loft has really reinvented these trends to appeal to the younger generation. (myself included)

Let’s talk colors; red, black and gold. It’s everywhere. The staple red pieces, I think, are never going away. I love green as well but the gold this season is gorgeous. Lace, shimmer, sparkle? All my favorite things. OH, and bell sleeves! Yes, yes, yes!

Velvet – yes, this is coming back. Now I’m not personally a fan of the texture but the look is being reinvented and that I am loving. Loft has so many options; jackets, jumpsuits, tanks, dresses. The options are endless. Here are some of my Loft favorites that I have been swooning over!

This top – Lord know’s that I wish I could wear this color! Also, comes in a dress – check that out too! Link is here –> Loft – velvet tie back topLoft has these tanks year round – they are a staple for wearing solo, or layering in the winter months. This velvet version is no different, comes in two colors! Be sure to grab one today. Link here –> Loft – velvet strappy camiThis beaut, dear Lord, so beautiful. Not only is the color fantastic for the Christmas season, it’s a great add on to any ensemble. Loft – velvet open blazer This jumpsuit is ah-freaking-mazing! I tried it on, naturally too short for my tall self, however it was so flattering and edgy. I have a crisp, white, textured blazer that I imagined wearing with a bright, statement pearl necklace. Loft – velvet halter jumpsuitThis is a gold mine, literally. Flying off the shelf! I adore this top, the embroidering is classic in gold with a touch of velvet to keep up with the trend. Loft – floral velvet strappy camiThis dress is fantastic, one of my favorites from these new holiday lines. The colors and print are flirtatious and feminine! The velvet brings it to another level alongside a fantastic fit and length! Loft – iced floral velvet dress

Other things to spice up your holiday look? Sparkles and fur. Add that fur vest or coat for an extra edge to your already fantastic ensemble. Personally, I love sparkle. As a wanna be Disney princess, anything sparkle adds a little hint of magic to any outfit. That, I always recommend.

Happy hunting!


Happy Saturday! I had a super productive day filled with work, laundry and meal prepping. (super fun, huh?) As I was sitting down to write this post, late of course, I was sipping on my water – wishing it was wine – thinking about how much I love this sweater. The cut is slightly oversize, yet fitted through the shoulders and sleeves. Really gives off a look of pure comfort. Which is what we all want, right?The nice thing about this sweater is that you can pair it with black or brown boots pending your preference. I went with tall, black boots since my scarf had hints of black in it. This scarf is a great year round accessory. It’s light and the colors are versatile for any season. I found this last year at Zinnia in the Mashpee Commons on Cape Cod, a gem I wear often. These Loft modern skinny jeans are not new to my blog, for those of you who are new to Style by Leanne you will see them frequently featured. I went with a dark wash, my favorite, and was in total comfort for the entire day. (filled with baby snuggles, of course!)

Loft has been having so many incredible sales these last few weeks. I highly recommend checking out their new lines coming in. Lots of great options for holiday parties! Don’t let the velvet scare you, grab some today!


Here to there..

Is anyone else in shock that it’s December? When did that happen?! As much as fall is my fav, I am looking forward to all of the holiday festivities! One of my favorite things about this season is shopping for holiday parties. Loft has so many great looks for all your  needs; one of my favorites? This bell sleeve top! Unfortunately you cannot find this online anymore but you may have luck in store.

I knew this was going to fly off the shelf, therefore, I bought it immediately. This top is great to pair with dress pants or a nice jeans. I have done both with a heels or  clean black booties. A nice thing about wearing blush tones is your jewelry options are endless. I went for a classic string of pearls with a dainty gold choker with pearl accents, of course.

Here you can see the same look from the fitting room try on session. I actually really loved the way the destructed denim still was able to compliment the crisp, classic look of this top. The sleeves are incredible; super flirtatious and fun! Originally I was concerned about the color, as I am fair skinned, but thankfully this pretty blush tone was a win win. In fact, I have yet to see it not compliment a woman’s complexion. Finally, sizing. I normally wear a medium however I went up a size because it was tight across my chest. Thankfully the large wasn’t overly big or unflattering, which can happen. I suggest trying on your normal size, but if you are a little busty try the next size up too! Loft has so many great bell sleeve options this season, I know that I am stocking up on them all. Be sure to check out the website for more options!

Loft link


Happy thanksgiving & 1 year anniversary Style by Leanne!

Well, today is a very special day and not just because it’s Thanksgiving. It was a year ago today that I started Style by Leanne! This past year has been incredible but it’s also had brief moments of discouragement, stress and frustration. It’s not easy feeling stuck and uninspired, in fact, it was one of the most difficult bumps in the road so far in my life. I am thankful each and every day for this journey; the feeling of being “stuck”, my friends who brainstormed ways to bring me back to life! It was all a part of a process that I had to go through. Being the holiday season, and that it’s Thanksgiving, I wanted to share with you some things that I am thankful for.

First, I am thankful for the road God lead me on to get here. I spent a lot of time in prayer wondering where God was leading me throughout this journey. Where was I going? What was I going to do? I’m still seeking Him every day in the hopes of following His will and glorifying him in all that I do. Second, I’m thankful for my family and friends. The amount of love and support (as well as teasing) I get from these people is unreal, and I don’t deserve it (talking about the good stuff here, I deserve a little teasing). They put up with my countless OOTD pictures, boomerangs (I LOVE BOOMERANGS!) and constant need to restyle my outfit when the one I originally put together was probably fine. I am so thankful for them, seriously, y’all rock. Lastly, I am thankful for the growth I’ve made and seen over this last year. It’s hard to see yourself struggle but it’s 100% worth it. I have learned so much over these last 365 days and I cannot wait to see what I learn in the next.


Work wear, in skinnies.

Oh, we’re halfway there…. Welcome to Wednesday lovely people. Today’s featured work wear post is of my new favorite work pant, my Loft Marisa Skinny Ankle pants. So, a little background, I hate ordering clothes online when I don’t know how they fit. I hate paying for shipping, I hate returning things. (I know what you’re thinking, Leanne, you’re a giant you should be used to this by now. My response, I’m not!!) So I was working at Loft the other day and there was a RETURN! I love tall returns, my Loft girls always put them on hold if they know it’s in my size and I always try them on and buy immediately.

So that’s basically what happened and I’m so thankful they put them on hold for me because I love this pant. I wear the Modern Skinny (in denim) and the Marisa (in pants). I grabbed a pair of navy skinny ankle fit pants and immediately fell in love. The fit is incredible, as is the length for you tall babes, and super slimming. Comfort and a slimming factor? Every girls dream!

Get the look: so here I paired my Loft Marisa Skinny’s with leopard Merona heels that I snagged at Target (not going to lie, like years ago – but don’t let that deter you from getting some fun shoes out now), a bright pink ruffle blouse from Marshalls and my Loft and Charming Charlie accessories. This look is great if you are heading from the office to drinks or dinner later that evening. Easy to dress up or down, I added a little class by wearing my leopard peacoat and a warm scarf because it’s freezing out here in Boston. Anything that is able to be bought now is linked below – everything else are just suggestions by yours truly!

Marisa Skinny

Layering pearl necklace

Ruffle blouse


Find your fabulous.

This post is more impromptu than my normal posts. I was staring at my jewelry rack wondering what to wear with my outfit today and I was realizing that I had a ton of Charming Charlie pieces. Not unusual BUT… it got me thinking… how many  people actually know Charming Charlie’s background? I mean, I didn’t for a while until I became a brand ambassador for them. Any time I’m interested in working with a company I always do my research first.

Now I’m not going to tell you all the details (although you should totally look them up) but I remember the first time I looked at their “about me” section there was one phrase that really resonated with me, even still to this day. It said that their mission was to “help every woman, everywhere, find her fabulous.” I LOVE that. What a great motto for a jewelry company, I mean I can relate to that from my experience working at the Loft. I always want to make sure that my clients feel good about themselves. That’s my number one priority, aside from a few good deals, of course!

There is such a need for women to empower one another, especially in today’s world. We are under such scrutiny which does nothing but create negative body and self-images. When I buy clothes, or pick out my outfit for the day I am looking to feel beautiful and confident while also being comfortable and put together. It shouldn’t be such a difficult thing to do, but sadly our generation makes it that way. I love seeing retailers with a mission to help make women feel worthy and beautiful, let’s keep it going!


Give back.

Happy Monday! Today’s Giving Back Campaign post is one that I have had the pleasure of being a part of a few times now. Today I want to feature Heroes in Transition, providing assistance to Veterans in need. Some back ground information that you can find on their website, which I will link here is that they are a “not-for-proft organization that recognizes those who have served, and are serving our country, especially in the Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom conflicts.” There are four ways that they support our troops; home modifications for disabled veterans, transitional support group therapy, financial support for service families and assistance dogs for veterans.

I have been to a few galas and fundraisers for Heroes in Transition and in many ways it was life changing. Hearing the brave stories and being able to see with my own two eyes how this organization has helped them is so moving and powerful. My family this year did something special with Heroes in Transition. I come from a large family, and in the month of November we have 5+ people with birthdays, so every year we have a “November birthday party” where we celebrate everyone. This year instead of gifts we made a donation to an organization of our choosing and yes, Heroes in Transition was our choice!

Every little bit helps. Give back to those who are making the ultimate sacrifice, it’s the very least we can do!