Recap & meal prep

Happy Sunday!

This weekend has been busy and eventful. I spent Friday at work and then headed up for a girls night of Disney movies and wine (I know, I know, my dream come true). I love spending time catching up with girlfriends over some wine and a great throwback movie. As a Disney buff, I go for the magic!

Saturday was a girls day at the winery! I was able to round up my closest girlfriends and we spent the morning having coffee at Blackbird Café and then had a wine tasting at Nashoba Valley Winery!
(insert links to Nashoba winery and pics from the day)

Meal prep – my least favorite thing to do for the week. I just started meal prepping. Personally, I hate it but it’s absolutely been a life changer during the week for me. I’m not scurrying around last minute in the morning trying to throw together a lunch. I can just grab, go and take on the day.

Normally my Sundays are my meal prep days. If you have kept up with my Sunday posts you know that I recently talked about planning the week and picking out my clothes for the week. It’s really made a huge difference in how smoothly my week continues.  I spend about 2 hours prepping my food for the week. I normally cook my meat that I will use and while that is happening I prep my salads, fruit and snacks. I use mason jars with sealant lids for my salads. I find the leaves stay fresh much longer this way.

Since I am on a new work out and meal plan I need to pack more food to keep my metabolism running. I normally have a breakfast shake/scrambled eggs for breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack before the gym and dinner. I’m working on a high protein diet with help from my roommate because I am awful at meal prepping.  This is a sample of what my daily intake is this week. Breakfast shake/scrambled eggs for breakfast. I am not really a morning eater so this has been the most difficult for me to keep up with. My mid morning snack is apples and peanut butter, which I LOVE! Lunch consists of a salad using spinach leaves, tomatoes and chicken. Then I follow up before the gym with an afternoon snack of hummas and carrots.  

Every little bit helps and since I am grazing throughout the day I find that my portions are much smaller and controlled which is great. If you have any suggestions for high protein snacks please let me know. I am a really plain eater, although my family would call me picky, so I don’t like a lot of different things. Always open to suggestions though!

Here, there and yonder 

Get the look; from here to there.

This topic comes from one of my good friends and coworkers, Jess (@jessschenian). Summer is busy; plans change, impromptu get togethers happen. How can you take your look from day to night? We are constantly running from beach, work, cookouts, drinks, date night. I don’t know about you but I don’t have the time, or the energy, to pack multiple outfits for each excursion. Here are some tips that I do to keep my look fresh and perfect for anything that may pop up in my schedule throughout the day.

Stick to the basics. When I pick out my outfits for the week I always dress prepared to go anywhere at any time, taking into account the weather. I always have a nice jacket of some sort with me at all time. My go to would be a black tweed jacket (for cooler days) and a dark green jacket, both from Loft. They are versatile colors and easy to layer on if the day gets cooler or I need to cover my shoulders for whatever reason.

Accessories are important because they can dress up or down an outfit. I like to add a scarf, or statement earrings to a more casual look because they will instantly add a little “something something” to my outfit. Purses and shoes/sandals are an easy way to jazz up an ensemble. I like to combine casual purses/clutch with heels or nice wedges. It’s all about balance, keeping things pulled together but versatile enough to take you from work to play in the matter of minutes.

Old Navy – Loft – Victoria’s Secret – Charming Charlie
Try to keep some of these hints in mind and DM me for more details if you want to know more!

CCF maxi

This week’s Cape Cod Fashionista challenge was maxi. As I mentioned in my previous post, this is not a style you would normally find on me. Everything is always too short and tends to really not flatter my body type depending where the waistband ends up. (tall girl problems).

I decided to get out of my comfort zone a little this week and participate. I know what you’re thinking – Leanne you create these challenges – and yes, I do. BUT that doesn’t mean I am going to like all of them. It’s a challenge for a reason, even the creator needs to get a little uncomfortable and branch out.

I find there are pros and cons to maxi dresses/skirts. I’ll start with pros; coverage. Coverage is huge for many obvious reasons. You want to be able to wear your clothing anywhere. Maxi skirts and dresses are long. You may need a cardigan or jacket over a dress but for the most part you can wear these types of dresses to any occasion or event. Layering, I touched upon this briefly with the cardi and jackets. Being able to add on if it’s cooler and take off if it’s warmer is key for a year round look.

A few cons; seasonal. These dresses do tend to have a seasonal look to them. You don’t see many long dresses in the winter unless you are going somewhere fancy. There are some spring/summer maxis that have colors that can be worn year round. I always recommend grabbing a color like that for your wardrobe. Shoes, I find that I am so limited with what shoes I can wear. Flats? Sandals? What else can you put on your feet that won’t look…. weird? Also, for your girls that are shorter in stature be careful, maxis can give the illusion that you are shorter and compact. Wear colors, prints and dresses that will elongate your frame!

Now a few tips from Style by Leanne!
Watch out for horizontal stripes. I personally love them but we all know they fall differently on everyone. Make sure to keep yourself flattering and comfortable. Tall gals, watch out for bright colors and busy prints. I once had a student tell me that my pants were giving her a headache because they were bright and busy. I will always be more careful of that now. Finally – watch out for the waistline! Don’t give yourself a cupcake look (you know, muffin top/pooch, that is what I always call it on me) make sure that the waistline will fall down gently and accentuate your figure!

Detox. Why is it important?

One of the really cool things about working with different companies is being able to try out all of their products. Teami offers a few beauty products that until recently, I didn’t even know existed! I have had my eye on two of their beauty products that I want to introduce and will be trying soon.


Teami has a Green Tea Detox Mask for $29.99 (free shipping) and with my discount code “stylebyleanne” you get 10% off. Another fun fact, it’s created here in the USA down in Seminole, Florida. Products made here at home are always something that I like to invest in.

Detox mask
One of the reasons I am drawn to this product is that it is all natural. I have extremely sensitive skin and it’s hard to find products that are right for me. The detox mask is Vegan, dairy free, soy free and non-GMO. 75% organic and there is absolutely no animal testing, which is important.
Alright, lets talk perks. What is the mask doing for your skin? Eliminates blemishes, blackheads, and redness as well as improves complexion, helps with anti-aging and moisturizes using it’s 3 main ingredients; Matcha tea, Bentomite Clay and Lemon Grass.
I like to research my products prior to giving them a try – this is one product that I will be trying. Looking into purchasing this before the weekend. Stay tuned for a review on my opinion of this product.

Work out Wednesday 

Well week two of training is done, week three starts today. I have been really working hard at changing my diet and keeping to working out 5-6 days a week. This is hard, I won’t lie, but I am actually starting to enjoy it. This past week Ashleigh gave me exercises for chest/back. I was definitely feeling the burn there, and in my wimpy arms! 

Here are the exercises that she had suggested for me this week to add to my routine.


Dumbell curls – alternating

Tricep dips on bench

Dumbbell lat raises

Dumbbell front raises

Wide grip lat pull down

Push ups – knees are okay. (thank GOD!)

I just find myself being really pushed in a good way. It’s been amazing seeing the difference and also, having others see a difference. Makes it all worthwhile feeling good again. 


Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!!
This week’s Tuesday tips is requested by a good friend of mine, and fellow Loft girl, Caitlin! This was a great request because it really challenged me to go outside my comfort zone to get feedback for this post. How to mix, match and pair bold tops and bottoms.

There are a few things to consider here, most importantly, what is considered bold? Well this will vary from person to person based on preference but for me it can be a variety of aspects that would make a piece bold. Color, print and cut. 

Color – for me anything that is not basic is bold. This includes your neon, bright colors like yellow, orange and red, as well as any normal color that is a little different that immediately catches someone’s eye.
Prints and patterns. This is bold depending on how you pair it. When you pair two prints/patterns together that makes a statement. It will catch people’s eyes and really grab the attention in a picture. I like to try and match floral, polka dots and stripes together. The options are endless in this sense, don’t be afraid to grab plaid or other prints too.
Cut. What I mean by this is that certain cuts of shirts/necklines really catch my eye. Anything one shoulder, off the shoulder, cold shoulder will immediately grab my attention when someone walks by. It’s something that I find really cute and feminine, I immediately gravitate towards it.
Now the really tricky part – how to pair these together. This doesn’t have to be something overly complicated. I think that the main thing that needs to be kept in mind is the colors. You can mix and match prints no problem as long as the colors work well together and ultimately compliment your ensemble. This is also important for versatility, you want to have bold pieces that can be worn in many different ways.
If you are worried about mixing and matching bold prints you can off set it a little with solid cardigans, jackets, shoes etc. This really helps in calming down your ensemble from being too “aggressive” (one of my clients always uses that term, I love it.) When taking pieces from work to play, add simple jewelry or layer a cardigan or jacket. There are many different ways to make your look a real statement, in a positive manner, of course.


This week’s fashion challenge for Cape Cod Fashionista is Maxi’s!

Unfortunately, I have never been a real fan of this style dress. Being tall, I have found they don’t ever flatter me and are never long enough. Well, sometimes it takes a good fashion challenge to break your old stigmas and realize there are options out there for you. I have found quite a few maxi dresses that I love and that have fit perfectly for my body.

Maxi’s can be tricky; there are certain ones that are just not flatting depending on the waistline. A really synched waist can make or break a look depending your body type and height. Okay – biggest problems are length and waistline. Other than that, these are amazing looks. I do find that if you are shorter in stature it can make you look more compact, but other than that you really cannot go wrong! 

So, finding a good waistline. I try to avoid really synched waistlines to avoid the “preggers” look. Unless you are pregnant, in which case, rock it! When it cuts me right below the bust line it can give a poof that isn’t really helping me. I love tie waist dresses because you have the power to make them work however you want them to. You know your body best, you know what makes you most comfortable.  

tall girl friendly – where to find them? I am always looking for stores that are “tall girl friendly”. I have had great success with dresses in tall from Loft and Old Navy. They just are the perfect length and always have great patterns, prints and fits for myself.


Well this weekend didn’t go as planned. The game I was singing the National Anthem at was cancelled because of weather. And I didn’t end up having a photo shoot due to the game being cancelled. BUT Sunday is also about planning for the week. So here are some tips to try this week.

Planning for the week – last week I talked about how I plan out my week with multiple calendars and schedules. This week I want to share another strategy I use that helps make planning for the week ahead easy. I take about 2-3 hours each Sunday to prep my food and my outfits.

Meal prepping – I cook a ton of food and separate it into containers for my lunch and dinner for the week. Especially juggling a busy schedule and multiple jobs it’s so important to make sure that you have enough food, snacks and water to last you through the day. One of the products that I love to use are mason jars. I love the Ball brand because when I make salads they seal in the freshness and preserve my greens throughout the week. I highly suggest them when meal prepping.

When it comes to picking out your outfits for the week there are a few steps that I take in preparation. First, and sometimes most important, check the weather! The last thing you want to do is walk out wearing something in a rain storm. Been there, done that.

Once you know that the weather will either be in your favor, or against you, check your calendar. This is important when you need to dress for events, dinners, the gym throughout the week. If I can avoid changing too many times, I will. I would rather come prepared and not have to worry about it after that. Packing my gym bag is another thing I do on a Sunday afternoon. I pick out multiple outfits for each day and lay them out/pack them up so that they are ready to go for each day.

Now I am able to pick out my outfits and hang them up ready for the week. I plan them out from head to toe – clothes, jewelry, shoes and purses. Making sure that I have everything I may need for work and any additional events that I am going to be involved in will make getting up in the morning so much easier. I am not a morning person so being able to have my morning duties all taken care of the night before makes the morning start of great.


Question: how do you spice up last season’s wardrobe?
This is a valid question, I mean, we spend money on these clothes but how do you make them last longer than one season? Being able to transition pieces from year to year doesn’t have to be tricky. In fact, in this post I will give you a few different ways that I incorporate my “oldies” with my new pieces. 

First – accessories. I find that how you pair certain tops really can give each look different. Going to work? Keep something simple. Going out? Add something bold with some shimmer and sparkle to catch the eyes of others. Have different options for your ootd so that you can take it anywhere at any time. 

I always make sure that I buy pieces that I can get at least 3-4 (maybe more) looks out of them. Whether that is mixing and matching tops, bottoms, accessories etc the possibilities are endless. When you’re shopping think to yourself – how else can I wear this? How much wear will I actually get out of it? Using this mentality has not only saved me thousands of dollars but really broadened my wardrobe. 

Alter it completely. Have old jeans that you want to throw out? STOP! Grab some scissors and make them destructed and distressed. This look is so in right now, it’s modern and can be really chic if you pull it together just right. This is something that I am actually personally working on so stay tuned for an update. 

Buy seasonal and transitional pieces. Layer, layer, layer! Buy cardigans that can be worn in warm or cold weather. Use tank tops in the winter with jeans, boots and a big chunky cardigan. Wear a sleeveless sweater in the summer time. Buy plain tees in many colors that can be layered and spruced up with some accessories. Scarves are HUGE right now too, take advantage of that. Look for simple products and make them staples in your closet.
These are some examples of ways that I spruce up an old wardrobe. I know I preach this all the time but versatility is KEY! I wear all my clothes pretty much year round. I make them transitional between seasons and I wear them in multiple different fashions. Try using some of these tips when looking into your closet – and if you need help be sure to email me and set up a session. I would love to help anyway I can! 

Pure in white.

Happy Thursday!

I love the way blue jeans and a white top looks. It’s classic and timeless. I always look for versatile white tops, and black ones too. This top is great because I can wear any color tank underneath to go with whatever pant bottom I choose. This top is from Loft a few years ago but it has held up beautifully in my wardrobe. I want to share some links to tops that I find in a similar category; versatile, classic and a must have. Be sure to check them out at the Loft!

Loft – tops

These are some of the looks that I love in white from this season. The link to the tops is above, be sure to check out all the new arrivals and stock up today.

White is versatile for many reasons, you can dress it up or down and you can wear it to work or play. I always suggest my clients at Loft to have a few white tops that they can style for any occasion. It’s important to have a few; short sleeves, long sleeves, tanks, shells, tees. Grab one of everything, I promise you will get plenty of wear out of each piece.