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This week was a busy one for me – juggling multiple jobs and running from rehearsal to rehearsal. Sometimes I wonder where the day goes – lately I have been feeling like I am just working my life away and not truly living. It can be a hard balance this “working to live” thing. I just want to be able to sit here in my home with coffee and my lap top and get paid. (I mean people do that right?) By the end of the day I just wanted to crash and sleep. BUT before I sleep I want to share my look from today! Is this poncho not the most comfortable looking thing?! WELL, it is! On the hanger this piece had no spark to me. I really wasn’t feeling it, I immediately thought “I bet that is frumpy and unflattering” WELL. I went to a work through with my Store Manager (Jess) and one of the district managers was wearing this with some skinny jeans, booties and a fun necklace and I was sold.

This is one of the reasons that I love social media and working with women. How many times do we walk past something because of the lack of appeal on the hanger? I won’t lie – I do it often. I love seeing how other women wear items that I would not give the time of day to and then immediately needing to go shopping to add it to my closet. It’s important to not “judge a book by its cover” if you will. This was one of those for me, and today it’s easily become one of my favorites!Layering was my main accomplishment with this ootd (clearly!) Started with a basic tank (Loft) under a layering tee from Old Navy. It was a chilly day so I wanted some extra layers to keep warm. On top of my layering tee I used my poncho – I love the way the fall colors compliment each other so nicely. Maroons and browns are such a pair! Then adding more browns and gold for accessories to pull the look together.

Normally I try to avoid pairing a scarf with a necklace – not for lack of liking the look but I just prefer to have one or the other personally. However, it was hot as Hades in the Loft that day so layering was good when it was too hot to wear the scarf. I do like layering scarves and necklaces but it’s never been a forte of mine. I will be working on that more though as this season pans out before spring time comes.  Details: Old Navy layering tee, Loft poncho, Loft necklace, Zinnia scarf, Loft modern skinny jeans, Payless booties.

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modern coatigan.

Well, Loft did it again. They created another coatigan that I cannot resist buying. This beaut is called the modern coatigan. I am 100% obsessed with it. From the moment I slipped it onto my arms I knew we were meant to be together forever. Best part of this coatigan? It is long enough and reached my wrists like a normal sweater should! AND IT HAS POCKETS!

Warmth was also a factor in this purchase. I rarely wear jackets in the fall – I can’t seem to find one that I love or that fits just right. This is the perfect substitute! It’s a little bit on the heavier side, but still layerable, so great to throw on while walking out the door. Normally I try to avoid black sweaters. I feel like you can end up with a thousand of them and they will never be worn.. but after some deliberation I decided this wouldn’t be one of those sweaters. It’s versatility was created perfectly.

Loft designed a coatigan that would have all the features needed to make this a staple piece for the Fall and winter seasons. Texture, durability, comfort and a classic look makes this worth every penny. Lets talk length – this coatigan is perfect for me (aka a tall gal over 6 feet). A few of my more petite coworkers didn’t have as great of luck as I did. For you shorter gorls be careful! Don’t shorten yourself more with a long, big cardigan. It can give an awful frumpy look that isn’t becoming on a lady shorter in stature. OOTD details: Loft modern coatigan, Loft layering tank, Loft modern skinny jeans, Zinnia scarf and Charming Charlie earrings. 

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So now that it’s almost spring time – I need to get as much use out of my fall/winter clothes as possible. This sweater will be one of them. (Currently on sale for 60% off for just today!) I almost bought it in all the other colors but had to restrain my wallet. Loft has had some great sales this weekend. 40% off full priced merchandise and 50% off sale until today when they had a one day 60% off! I hope all your ladies stocked up on some goodies. We have quite a few new pieces, I’ve been mixing and matching pieces from this year and the last few years.

That’s one thing I love about Loft, their products are timeless. Always able to use each year! Finding a brand I would be able to do that with was NOT easy. I love that I can use my sweaters and jeans from years ago and make the outfits chic for today’s styles and trends. These modern skinny jeans are one of my favorite washes and they are so soft. I love the way they brighten up my scarf too. Really draws out the blue hues.

You will be seeing a lot more of this sweater, and these jeans! Grab them today! or stop by a store. Today’s sales might be ending soon though, hurry hurry!OOTD: Loft floppy hat, Loft sweater, Loft modern skinny jeans and scarf from The Paper Store. 

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Cardi party for one, please.

If there is one thing about winter that I’m not a huge fan of it’s wool. Winter and wool go hand in hand and, unfortunately for my skin, doesn’t mix well with me. Length is also key for me, LONG is great when you’re my height. If you have been following my blog at all, you’ll notice that I am all about length and comfort. You’ll also notice that I have one particular long cardigan that I just cannot say no to. I can tell you about this cardigan in two simple words – Ralph Lauren.

Today I really wanted to take my favorite cardi and revamp it. This Ralph Lauren open cardigan was a gift from my sister in law and it quickly became one of my absolute favorite things to put on. The versatility is amazing; the color makes it so easy to pair together an ensemble. I love the femininity it has when I add a full, vibrant scarf to it.

I also love the way it looks with dark denim jeans, although I also love to get super comfy in some leggings as well. This particular look was fun – a deep blue top gives a nice fall vibe to my look, all while adding some layers.  This scarf is great because it is so thin (I get hot really easily) but I love that the print gives off the essence of a full look.  The neutral tones are great to match with anything but really pull things together with the cardigan.

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One thing I love is the classic look of an all black ensemble. It’s sleek, long, slender and gives off the impression that your silhouette will never end. Black is an amazing color; it’s literally the most versatile statement that you can add to your wardrobe. As a woman, naturally, I have concerns about my body. I’m tall, so that works in my favor, but every woman wants to put on her outfit and feel 100% comfortable.

This look made me feel amazing. I felt like Audrey Hepburn in all black with a classic twist (aka my floppy hat). Today I want to challenge you to always dress to impress…. yourself.

Now lets talk styling – I always recommend pairing some color – bright colors. Maybe pastels, bright, sparkle jewelry, or a fun vibrant scarf during those winter months. Anything that will stick out, catch the keys of those around you. This outfit has a few eye catchers, the top itself is because of the cold shoulder.

This look is coming in hot and I LOVE IT. I don’t own any pieces like this, so when I saw it at work I immediately had to purchase it. Flattering to the arms, and if I’m honest, I hate my arms. However, lets talk a moment about the high neckline. This is great, since we are showing off our sexy shoulders! Loft really made a great top. It’s classy, sexy and ultimately so so feminine!

This photo shoot was a fun one for me, I would be lying if I said I didn’t thoroughly enjoy myself. I went classic here, black on black. Black skinny jeans (from the Loft, @Loft) and a  black cold shoulder blouse (also from Loft). Now with any dark ensemble, there needs to be some light. So I went for some sparkle – Loft necklace and floppy hat.

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Jackets – finding the perfect jacket is like finding the perfect man… only easier! This Lou & Grey jacket was a great purchase last year. The combination of color, texture and cut makes for the perfect last layer to any outfit. The navy and off white shading goes great with dark hues and also the lights too. 

The cut of this jacket is unique in that it has a high low affect. The front is longer than the back; I love the way this looks. I have a long, off white Loft tank that layers well with this jacket, and highlights its contour. 

A long necklace is a great add on to any look – this layering necklace has multiple strains and two different colors. The silver gems are a simple, yet pretty touch to this piece. The silver tones paired well with my Cape Cod bracelets and Mantra bands. This necklace is from Charming Charlie’s – a great buy! 

This particular pairing was done with a pair of navy pointe pants from Loft. I ordered these pants in a long online and they’re the best for the office. Comfort like leggings but that profession look of a dress pant. 

I also love that they are a skinny ankle fit – great for pairing with flats, heels or boots depending on the weather. I bought my pants in a size medium long – in missy. 

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Daily deals – @marshalls

One of my favorite places to find deals is Marshalls. I love finding beautiful pieces at even more beautiful prices! This sweater was found at the Marshalls in Mashpee. Fall and winter seasons call for warmth and soft fabric.  When I am shopping during these seasons there are a few things that immediately will catch my eye; 1- color. The color of a piece can grab my attention instantly. Pure white, soft cream, browns and navy hues are my go to. 2- fabric. If it looks comfy, I’m touching it. Plain and simple. I want to have something that will ultimately give me the urge to put it on immediately. If it doesn’t have an urgency, a want, to be worn you won’t find it in my closet. 3- a cowl neck. I LOVE COWL NECK SWEATERS. There is something so cozy about a warm, thick neckline. I’m just drawn to it!

I find that many of my cowl neck sweaters are Lou and Grey brand. They have the softest material, EVER. I have quite a few pieces from their line this year and last year too. This particular look was a steal at Marshalls. If I’m honest, I have a love hate relationship with Marshalls. I absolutely hate poking through racks. I am the kind of girl who goes shopping on a mission and wants to know where I need to be and what I want. Marshalls does not do that for me. I need to have a chunk of time carved out to spend there – and then the poking around commences.

In all reality though, this store is amazing. The deals you get on name brand prices is unreal. I love going through the purses, home goods stuff – there is literally a little of everything there. Something for all, if you will. It’s my go to place for Christmas shopping – it’s a one stop shop.

This sweater has such a beautiful look to it – the cream color is crisp and the stitching is clean. I love that it has shorter sleeves. It’s different, and I love that. You won’t find that everywhere.

Because this piece is oversized in nature, it’s good to have tighter bottoms to avoid coming off as “frumpy” (one of my favorite words).  Wearing a pair of leggings or well fitting jeans is always a great option when pairing tops like this.

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Scary stripes!

Stripes – I know what you’re thinking, every girls worst nightmare. I used to think that too BUT I like to take on the challenge of rocking horizontal stripes. I find that depending on the width and color they aren’t all that bad. Also, think about the material you are wearing. If you are wearing stripes and spandex well OF COURSE that’s not going to flatter every body type.

I find sweaters that are striped are a safe bet. This little top is part of the new line at Loft; one of the most flattering pieces I have seen on our clients. When a piece is that versatile with many different body types – it goes quick! The stripes and texture really have a modern feel but the structure of the top is classic.

Three quarter sleeves are a fun, mid season look. Gives security to those who may not favor their arms but also has a flirtatious look to it. I personally found it to be a little short, but unless you’re over 6 feet tall I’m 99% sure you won’t have any problems with that. Also, I would recommend styling with some fun earrings and bracelets – be careful with necklaces, you don’t want your fabric being caught on your accessories and ruin this pretty, little number.

Pairing this Loft striped top was easy – Loft modern skinny dark wash denim. The dark, navy color pairs well with the textured navy in this top too, giving it a structured look.  As mentioned above – I would recommend earrings. I found these white earrings at Charming Charlie. They are a bit heavy BUT they coordinate so well with this look, it was hard not to break them out.

Nearest Loft to me (Cape Cod, MA) is in Hyannis at the Cape Cod Mall – come on by and say hi to me and my Loft girls. We would love to show you around the new collection and help you find your perfect look.

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Style sesh – @jessymk

Welcome to Saturday fashion lovers! Today, I would like to introduce you  to one of my very best dressed friends. Just kidding, she’s one of my best friends too, BUT she is also very well dressed. Her name is Jessy, she is a preschool teacher in Massachusetts and one of the most loyal, loving and positive people I have been ever so blessed to know. I asked her to be a part of my style sessions and she didn’t think twice to help out.

Let me tell you a little about this girl; not only is she a pretty face, but she has a knack for fashion. She models (check Instagram for more on her interactions with American Eagle and my personal favorite – Kate Spade!) Stay tuned because she is dipping her feet into opening her own online boutique. I’ve seen some shots of her ideas and I can guarantee you that I will own pretty much all of it.

So, Jessy and I got to talking. I asked her why she loves fashion (as I am always interested in why people gravitate towards fashion!) and she said “I love fashion because it’s a way of expressing yourself without having to say anything at all. That, to me, is really powerful.” If she had to describe her style in one word it would be feminine, although she finds that confining her style to one word is extremely difficult. She gushes, “Fashion means a lot to me. It’s a form of art! It’s a way to express my personality and feelings, and it’s a great way of connect with people all over the world.”

As many know, fall is my favorite season of the year when it comes to fashion. I love the colors, scarves, chunky sweaters and lattes. Jessy agrees, stating that there is something about a good flannel, scarf and knee-high boots really makes her happy. Not to mention it’s the perfect outfit to frolic around an apple orchard with your best gal pals – for those of you who follow me on instagram, I’m sure you have seen our apple orchard pictures! Now you see where those comes from!

“I feel most comfortable in a good pair of skinny jeans. It’s a good starting base and you can easily dress them up or down! It makes creating an outfit so simple. My go to piece,  hands-down, would be a slouchy oversize sweater. I have a section in my closet just for them. I love to style them by getting them just a little too big so they hang off my shoulder, I just can’t resist sweater weather season. What influences you? The season, the atmosphere? Jessy related, saying that her surroundings inspire her style. She loves traveling, and while growing up with her mom, it was made a point to always say yes to exploring. You only get one life, take advantage of being with friends and going to new places.

Now, I’ve known Jessy for a few years now, and I can tell you she has a real obsession with peacoats. She said “I can thank London for that, as well as I have a hankering for a killer pair of heels – thanks to watching the women in Paris strut on the streets.” She likes to try new trends IF they still make her feel like herself. It’s always fun to switch it up.

Now lets talk about shopping! Personally, I love to shop – in fact, I purchased some new sweaters from Loft just today. Jessy can normally be found shopping at the beginning of each season. What would she be looking for? “Anything neutral in tone catches my eye when shopping” Clothes, purses and shoes? You name it!”  Often times, as women, we have our few main stores that we always hit up for new trends and styles each season. She loves Anthropologie. Anything that looks romantic and girly – she gravitates to!

When it comes to brands one of my all-time loves is Kate spade – she eagerly agrees! Not only is it one of her favorite brands but it’s also one of her dream modeling jobs that she landed this past year. “Their look is timeless with just a touch of fun! If I could swim in the sea of all their purses I would!”

Style Icon? “I don’t have just one fashion icon but Lauren Conrad comes to mind at the moment. I adore her sense of style and her looks are timeless and classic,  while still being current.”

I always end each of my style sessions with random questions – for my own fun – Diamonds or Pearls? “Diamonds are a girls best friend right?” (always a great answer!) As I’ve mentioned before, I am really tall – I asked Jessy if there was any struggle to dress herself because of her height. She indulged me by expaining that she is 5’8 – so clothes usually fit pretty well. The only area she really needs to pay attention to is her legs because they’re long, so when buying dresses, you need to find a modest length.

Okay – shoot, give me a fun fact! “A fun fact about me, not related to fashion, is that I love sharks! I can watch marathons after marathons of shark week past and present for hours. Ever since I saw Josh when I was seven I’ve been hooked!”

Stay tuned for next weeks style session, featuring Emmalyn Anderson – @emmalynbonnie

xoxo – Style by Leanne

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Be you, naturally.

One thing I love about a great sweater is the way it is knit together. As I’m sure you can tell from this Loft sweater poncho (that I wear pretty much on a weekly basis) I love the way it wears. Each stitch is placed so intentionally, with such purpose. The warmth in this fabric makes dressing in style during the winter manageable.  I tend to struggle with winter fashion; I tend to always be on the warmer side, so layering is not my friend.  Finding the perfect ensemble to layer is a challenge that I take on each year, sometimes I master but many times I fall. When I fall, you can find me in tank tops with jackets/cardigans etc.

This particular look has been popping up on my feed a lot lately.  I love the way it wears, feels and most importantly, makes me feel. Personally, I feel best in anything that is comfortable. Since I work 10 hour days, comfort is key for me. Literally and figuratively. I want to be wearing something soft, warm and looser fitting. Something that does not make me feel restricted or tightly bound.

Featured here we have one of my favorite make up looks – one I like to call “fresh faced”! I prefer a look that is more on that natural side. Lighter on the eyes, avoid dark eye liner. Brown is always a great choice when dealing with light eyes; keeps them bright and exposed. Black can tend to be so dark that you can have that “raccoon” look. Don’t hide your eyes, show them off.

Bare Minerals is my make up of choice – my skin make up is all from Bare Minerals. The mineral base is so gentle on my skin, it’s the only make up that has not made my skin break out. Thanks to Birch Box, I have found a few new products that I am absolutely loving. Ardency Inn has an amazing eye liner, it goes on smoothly and does not smudge like some do. Although Birch Box sent me black, and normally I’m not one to use black, I have to say I love this eye liner. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an eye liner with fantastic quality.

Interested in this look?

Tee shirt -Loft, Poncho- Loft, Leggings- Lou and Grey, Scarves- thrifted, Boots- Payless.