Klorane! Yes! 

Don’t let the name scare you! This make up remover product was such a sweet find in my Birch Box this past month! Check out the “Beauty” section of the blog for more information and  review of this product – just a hint – GO BUY IT! 




I feel as though every year I make my list, that’s right, the dreaded list of things I “pledge” to do in the new year. Why is it that my list NEVER gets completed? And I mean like barely anything gets done? I mean, I know I am lazy and forgetful at times but I really do wonder why I don’t purse these “goals” and make them happen. I decided that this year I will calculate a real simplified list of things that I hope to accomplish before 2018 rushes to greet me. 

One thing that I have found is that I always do better with accountability. It’s nice to have someone to adventure with, lean and rely on. I have a few different people that I am blessed enough to have when it comes to taking on 2017. (Still does not quite feel right muttering the words 2017… Like seriously, how did we get here?)

Here are my resolutions- stay tuned for updates as I cross them off my list throughout the year!

1- Be/think/do all things positive. –> this is particularly difficult for me lately. I’ve been consumed with negativity lately between all of the craziness that is “Leanne’s world”. This year I choose to try my very best to take that extra moment and put that extra spin on every situation and moment that I encounter. Thankfully, I have my cousin/best friend Casey (@chasingcasee) to help me with this. We both have similar struggles with anxiety and coping in stressful situations. It’ll be nice to have someone in my corner.

2- Move off Cape! After growing up on the Cape I heave learned that this is not my forever place. I’ve grown up here but it’s time for me to explore other areas. Currently, this is in progress with one of my other bestest friends, Kaylen. (@kaylen_Bunton) Kay and I were roommates back when I worked for Disney. She is making the brave adventure of leaving Ohio and heading East. 

3- Travel –> Disney/Florida and Hawaii! I don’t travel, like at all. this year THAT CHANGES! I already have my trip to FL booked for this month, and Hawaii will come in July as a birthday present to myself to see my brother and sister-in-law who moved out there last July.

4- Go to a state that I have never been to. Any suggestions for this one? I was thinking Montana to see a friend from college who just moved out there, and is having a sweet baby girl soon! 

5- Spontaneous trips – how fun, I’ll be crossing this off my list this weekend! My girlfriends and I decided today we are going to Maine for the weekend! Stay tuned for details and pictures!

6- Try something I have never done before. –> this can be anything! Maybe a food dish I have never tried? Maybe a class I may be interested in, who knows!

7- Make a big dinner for my family – possibly outside the scope of pasta and chicken (HA! Yeah, right!)

8- Try a new fashion style – I have been playing it safe lately. I want to push the envelope, try something I am not comfortable with. If you have suggestions, send them here!

9- Be active! I want to get out in the fresh air. I work 10 hour days which does make this difficult, but I already started my work out regimen and completed day 2! Stay tuned for debts on this simple workout I’ve started myself on.

10- Love myself- this year, 2017 is about me! Finding what makes me happy, what drives me. This year, I explore and love myself for where I am right now. 


Layering challenge

One of my favorite things about fashion and Instagram is the CHALLENGE! One of the bloggers I’ve been following for years is @alexisatarian and she is doing a fashion challenge. Each week join in and push the boundaries of your closet! This week was layering!

I love layering. I love the warmth, coziness and the absolute comfort that comes with it. For this weeks challenge I went for a Loft layering tee, Lou & Grey sweater and Marshalls scarf. (And my favorite modern skinny Loft jeans, obviously!) it was a cold day on Cape and this was the perfect outfit. 

I love the depth that comes from layering a scarf over a sweater, and if you’re feeling bold, a necklace to match! I want to challenge you to try new things, be challenged, and join in on the fun. 

Invite your friends and I hope to see you on the hashtag – #alexisatarianstyle oh, and be sure to add #stylebyleanne so I can continue to be inspired by your style too! 



Keeping to a color scheme can be fun, yet incredibly challenging. Well I went for fun with this outfit, and the best part is, I was able to use some of my favorite pieces to pull together this look.

I love this look for a few reasons; 1- so comfortable! I mean, who doesn’t want to lounge around wearing leggings, soft tees and cardigans all day? 2- the colors are perfect this time of year! The browns/maroons/off White and creams compliment each other so nicely! I wanted a look I could base around this scarf.

It was a gift from my roommate, because she clearly knows the level of my obsession with spots is high! The browns and creams were easily paired with my cardigan from Old Navy (2 seasons ago- still in amazing shape!) I wanted a pop of color, still keeping with the fall/winter theme, so this Loft slouchy tee was a no brainer! 

Paired with a pair of Lou and Grey leggings this outfit was “on point”! (As one of my students told me.) see more details of this look on the Instagram! 


Layering sweaters! 

Loft had some fantastic layering sweaters to choose from last year and this year, there is even more. Layering tees, sweaters?! Grab them all! I loved the color of this coral sweater; pairs great with scarves and chunky necklaces. I found this scarce at The Paper Store! It’s reversible and has a strong fall feel to it.

Styled here are my favorite Loft boot cut jeans – modern style is always my go to! I love the slimming fit, especially with my hips and thighs. It’s the only jean I’ve found to be the most flattering cut! I’ll never look anywhere else.

Hair- Tresemme products // Make up- Bareminerals

Jeans/Sweater- Loft // Scarf- The Paper Store // Boots- Payless (and such a steal at $12)



Hoping that Santa will be sending this beauty down the chimney this weekend. Loft has outdone themselves again! Not only is the color great, but it also comes in black! I know, even better! 

This off the shoulder sweater felt amazing on! It was warm and flattering, conforming to all the right spots! However, if I’m honest, my favorite thing about this sweater is the sleeves. They’re so long, even for me! The cuffs are fitted, and the feel on my arms was great. It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of trying on a sweater or blouse with sleeves that fit me. Guess we will see how this fits you shorter gals. 

Needless to say, this sweater was a must have for this Christmas. Guess you’ll have to stay tuned for more deets on Christmas morning! 


Dun, dun, dun, denim.

First of all, I hope everyone took advantage of Loft’s 50% off sale going on! Second, how great is this dress?! It’s one of my favorites from Loft last season. This is a repost from the other day (you can see it on my Instagram @stylebyleanne) 

So featured here you’ll find I paired this dress with Loft tights, a Loft denim jacket and little booties from Payless. I love this look for a few reasons; 1- this denim jacket is my favorite. The wash is perfect to put with any look! Literally, any look. 2- this dress is so incredibly flattering! I like to wear it without the sash/belt it came with. I find that with my particular body type it fits best when it’s free falling. And 3- these tights are smazing! In comparison to the last 4 years, or so, of buying tights from Loft, these are the best in fit and durability! They have sustained puppies and babies, what more could I say to sell you on that?!

Also, I was trying for a messy hair look. After having the haircut from hell, just being honest, I want to avoid giving myself a “youthful” style. Aka making me look like I’m 12! LOL! The messy look has grown on me, I think I’m becoming a fan. 


Start where you are.

So, my friends and I had a mini Christmas night out on Friday. Ugly sweaters, Chinese food and bowling. I know, you’re jealous you weren’t there. Well, my dear friend melissa got me a self-exploration journal. “Start Where You Are” by Meera Lee Patel! I LOVE THIS JOURNAL. Each page has a variety of exercises and questions to help direct your way.

Now I’m not sure about you, but I know that at the ripe old age of 27 I feel lost. Some day more than others, but lost is the word I would use. Having been out of college for quite some time now, and not being in my desired career field, I do find that I cannot seem to find a direction for my “next step”. This journal has really opened my eyes to my heart and dreams. 

I’m going to share some of these passages with you, as well as some of the quotes that this book shares. Could be a fun adventure to take on together. Feel free to join in! In fact, u would encourage you to actively join in! Let’s see what the insides of our hearts desire. Exciting, don’t you think?


Pop… with color! 

I love spring. It’s my absolute favorite time of the year! Think about it; warm sunshine, flowers and bright pastels? This post comes from yesterday’s ootd look; I went bright and bold with a Calvin Klein blouse (stolen from my sisters closet – thanks Kel!). 

This blouse is one of the most flattering pieces in my sisters closet. I love the gold embellishments on the pockets and buttons, they make accessorizing easy! (Featuring some Charming Charlie’s bangles.) These earrings are so light weight and not too flashy, just up my alley.

Now these bottoms, yes – same modern skinny Loft jeans that I live in every other day, they are the most comfortable jean! The modern skinnys have a thin cut, perfect for a tall, slender build like me! I always order mine in tall (go to loft.com to order –> see tall section.) and the skinnys are my favorite cut. 

Also, be sure to check out the straight fit, another favorite cut of mine. However, I am searching for the perfect flare jean! Suggestions? Email me!