Hey there! Welcome to Style by Leanne. I am so glad that you stopped by! My name is Leanne Horan, I am a Fashion Blogger based out of Boston, MA. For those of you that are stopping by for the first time here’s a little background on the girl behind the blog.

I grew up on Cape Cod (that’s in Massachusetts – I found many of you ask where that is from my posts), went away to college where I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance. Post-graduation I moved to Orlando, FL and worked with the Walt Disney World Company. And yes, should the opportunity arise I would quit life immediately and move back and make magical moments for the rest of my life. Currently I work in Boston at an Investment Firm and for the Loft.

Important things about me; my family means everything to me. I have two wonderful parents and I am the oldest of four children. I also have two nephews at the moment and they are the lights of my life. They bring so much happiness to me – follow me on Instagram and you will be consumed with the cuteness that is Little Greg and Jameson. You’re welcome in advance.

So, why a blog? Style by Leanne came to be in November of 2016 due to a creative block that had me in a rut for quite some time. After discussing with a few close friends, it was suggested that I start a blog about my love for Fashion. I am a tall woman, 6’1 to be exact, and growing up I was not always a fan of my height like I am now. My blog is all about finding that comfort in your own skin no matter what size, shape or height you are.

In today’s society there is a real stigma of what a woman should look like and it’s disgusting the scrutiny we go through. I want to encourage my readers to love themselves; I want them to find genuine content and know that their worth doesn’t come from these material pressures of society. As a believer in Christ I know where my worth comes from. I hope to instill that in my posts so that the light and love of Jesus can reach my readers.

I am always available to chat and take prayer requests – send me an email, DM or message! I would love to connect.

Xoxo – L