Work out Wednesday.

Work out Wednesday!

Well I am prepping for another session with my trainer. I am halfway done with my sessions before I head off to Hawaii. 1 more session after tonight, I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty bummed about it. I will definitely be reaching out to her about training again soon.
Well all these training sessions made me realize that a t-shirt and shorts really wasn’t too comfortable to work out in. I wanted to find some clothes that would be more work out friendly, if you will. I was having a harder time than I thought trying to find a good place to grab some pieces. I wanted good quality AND price.

I have a few friends that are trainers, and work out a lot. I reached out to them to see where they get their clothes from and found some great deals thanks to their suggestions. Be sure to check out my friends Elise and Kim – both are big into fitness and figure competitions.

I found some great deals and merch at Old Navy and Marshalls. I was able to get multiple outfits for a great price. If you know of any other places, please comment on this post I would love to know where you get your clothes from! Kim also suggested Athletica, Redline and Hylete (those are online).

Old Navy – activewear

Feeling more confident in my work out gear, I am ready to head to the gym. Happy Wednesday! Be active, get outside and take on your day. Stay tuned, next weeks Work out Wednesday post will have more updates from my training sessions with Ashleigh.

Dress for your body.

Today’s Tuesday tips was in high demand! Shout out to my girl Kristen for coming up with this topic because I have had many people ask my opinion on how to dress themselves for their body. 

Here’s the deal, we all have parts of our body that we have insecurities about. I hear all the time “oh you’re so skinny” well the fact of the matter is, I’m not as skinny as people think. Yes, I am tall and thin, I’m not denying that but I am not in great shape and I have parts of my body that I am extremely uncomfortable with. The difference is, I dress myself in a way that flatters my body. Work with what you have! If you are feeling overly bloated, don’t wear something skin tight (I avoid this anyways). If you are self-conscious about your arms, wear a top that flatters them. It’s actually easier than you think!

Things to keep in mind – the basics. Color, fabric, print and sizing. That’s the majority of America’s problem. You will never see me in something really tight or made with a lot of spandex. I don’t care for that look on anyone really. Always keep colors in mind, does that mean wear black every day? (I would because I love it) but NO! Lighter colors tend to accentuate any junk in the trunk you may have. I avoid wearing light colors, especially pants/capris. I love greens and blues because they have more depth to them and tend to give a nice fun, spring look without adding any extra dynamics to you.

Stripes – I love stripes but I am really good about choosing what works and what doesn’t. Avoid anything too tight or too big. Big and baggy can almost make things worse than being too tight. Horizontal stripes are always great because they elongate your frame. 

Sizing – sometimes I find when I am styling someone that their sizes are all wrong. This can easily unflatter any part of your body because you’re either too big or too small. Really take a look at what you’re putting on and make sure it’s the right size. If you have questions about certain looks and sizing, email me! I’m happy to help. 

Keep these basics in mind and you’ll find there are ways to flatter your body. Doesn’t need to be some crazy piece of clothing to magically solve all your concerns. It is a simple fix 99% of the time, and if you find yourself in the 1%, email me and I’ll help! 

Brrrr.. CCF challenge.

I have some really exciting news for today’s Monday post! Teami is having a Father’s Day sale! Use my discount code and get 20% off any order over $34.99 as well as get a free Focus Tea on orders of $34.99 or more! Codes listed below, I HIGHLY suggest the 30 day detox tea! I have not tried the focus tea so that may be something I will be trying myself.

20% off “Lea19Dad” and free Focus Tea “leannehorafocus” buy yours today, this sale won’t be lasting long!

Now I am really excited for this week’s Cape Cod Fashionista Fashion Challenge! COLD SHOULDER! This style has exploded this year, it’s really taken over all seasons. Sweaters, dresses, tops?! All year long, cold shoulder has been in. I personally love this style because it is ultimately flattering on all body types and really can bring extra comfort to those who may be a little self-conscious about their arms.

Now the question that I get often is where is it appropriate to wear a cold shoulder? Well honestly it depends on the item. I find that it is acceptable to wear in a work setting if you have thicker straps. Nothing thin strapped or skimpy but with more coverage. Especially in the summertime, you want to avoid anything that may be unprofessional. My general rule of thumb is if you question it, the answer is no.

There are plenty of styles with full sleeves that are not too warm for this time of year. Be sure to have an assortment of tops in this style for any occasion! Flirtatious, classic and unique – there are so many different prints, colors and styles to find the top that suits your style best. I have found these tops all over. Loving the ones from Loft this season especially. Be sure to check out all of the great tops and upload your pictures to Instagram! Tag me so I can see your style!

Sunday recap

Sunday posts are actually my favorite of the week because I can relive everything that went on and share bits and pieces with you that you may not have seen on my Instagram or other social media. This weekend was a fun one; lots of friends, pictures and laughs. I have to say it’s always great being able to spend time with friends in the city. Really brings out the best in me! Find your crew and never let them go.

This weekend started off right on Friday with the girls, and my friend Matt, at Parish Café on Boylston Street in Boston. I absolutely adore this place because the food is amazing, view is incredible and most importantly the patio is open again. I live for patio sitting with the girls. There is nothing better! We sipped, snacked and I snapped pictures all day long.

My look for this girls day (yes, Matt is always at girls day!) was a tough one because we didn’t know if it was going to rain, be muggy or be chilly later that day. I decided to cover all my bases  with Loft skinny jeans, tiered halter top and long knit cardigan with little black sandals and my Michael Kors purse.

Saturday was a shift at the Loft then brunch with friends at Trader Eds and Bobby Byrnes on Cape Cod. It was an absolutely gorgeous day – I kept with the Loft trend with a layering tank, shawl and little black shorts from Old Navy.

My favorite day of the weekend, Sunday. Church at Osterville Baptist then home to see my family and nephews. Here is just a little sneak peak at the boys – they are getting big!

Now, looking forward – Monday is coming. I meal prepped for the week and picked out my outfits for each day and the gym too. I suggest taking a few hours on Sunday to meal prep and week prep.  You won’t feel like it’s so much of a “Monday” when everything is set and ready to go when you wake up. Here’s to a great week!

Stay tuned for this week’s Cape Cod Fashionista Challenge. I hope you’ll join!

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend has started off just the way you imagined it. I know mine has! Today I want to bring back the Style Session features with one of my best friends Kristen! Kristen and I have known each other for a few years now and trust me when I tell you, we never have a dull moment together. She’s my gypsy friend, as I never truly know where she is running off to next. I love following her journey but I love more when she is home with me. 

Kristen has dipped her toes in a little of everything, she’s so versatile! One of the passions that she is currently chasing is her modeling career. I sent her a bunch of questions about fashion and how that has impacted her choice to pursue modeling. It was really cool to learn a few new things about her and how she got started.


First question I always as is why do someone would love fashion? “I love that fashion is a way for people to express who they are. You can tell a lot about someone by how they dress. And for me, fashion is definitely a mood lifter/confidence builder.” I definitely can relate to this in many ways; I also feel as though it’s a way to express who you are, how you are feeling and what you are inspired by. It’s cool to learn about people through their sense of style.


I find that in many respects I imitate my fashion icons when trying to style my looks or shop. Kristen commented on this by saying, “I don’t have a specific icon. I get inspiration from different women and even men. I really admire people that own who they are. Even if it’s following a trend, I admire those who can take a trend and make it their own. Eva Mendez is definitely someone I admire. She can be extremely girlie and elegant at times and then totally casual other times. Yet, even when she’s casual she still looks effortlessly put together. And I’m currently obsessing over Harry Styles (guilty pleasure). I absolutely love his style. I get inspired by people who exude confidence through what they wear.”


Alright, now on to the good stuff, how did you get into modeling? “I’ve always loved clothing. My mom tells me when I was younger I had to have five different outfit changes a day(all dresses). And then when I was high school I constantly looked at fashion magazines and saw these gorgeous images and all I wanted to do was recreate what I saw. I wanted to be the girl in a gorgeous picture or the girl in a gorgeous piece of clothing. And the fact that I’m 5’11, didn’t hurt my chances. But modeling wasn’t an overnight thing for me. Like anything, it’s practice. And I had to and still have to practice…take millions of pictures, and work at it.” I love her answer, that it wasn’t an overnight thing. I think that is something important because it shows hard work and drive. Seeing how I know nothing about modeling I was curious between the runway and commercial differences and which she was pursuing. She does Commercial modeling. “I’m a size 6 so I don’t really fit into an exact category…runway/high fashion or curve model.”  


There are certain “styles” that you will never catch me in. Mainly anything super “punk” or edgy. I am more of a classic, prep style but Kristen really doesn’t fit into one particular style. “I’ll try pretty much anything. It’s just a matter of what looks good. Since I’m tall, I can’t seem to find too many overalls or rompers that work for me. I am loving 90’s right now. Just watched the movie DOPE and I’m obsessing over the style. I love mom jeans….So comfortable and flattering!! ” Now if you have been following my blog you know that I am Loft girl, 100%, Kristen has a real love for Nordstrom and Zara, she said that “if I had more money, I would shop every day.”


Defining your style – “basic and comfortable and during the summer, which is my favorite season, total beach bumish. I’m so lazy when it comes to getting dressed. I throw on whatever works. I love a good pair of jeans and an oversized top or sweater. I have an obsession with boots. I’m not a big jewelry person (I wish I was) but I wear pretty much the same gold necklace, earrings, and Michael Kors watch every day. If I get dressed up, I’ll most likely stick with jeans. I do have a signature black leather skirt that I wear all the time. It works with everything.”


Now just for fun! Kristen, what do you like to do for fun? “Eat. go to the beach. Shop.” (now can you see why we are great friends and get along so well?) Last question, and my personal favorite – tell us a fun fact not related to fashion/modeling? “I can make my tongue look like a three leaf clover.”

Hats! CCF challenge 

I love Friday’s! Not only is it the start to the weekend but it’s also the close of Cape Cod Fashionista’s weekly fashion challenge. Being able to scroll through the hashtag and see everyone’s unique take on a challenge is my favorite. I love feeling inspired by other women and encouraging them too! 

So let’s talk about hats for a second. How do you know if a hat is right for you? Well, there really is no right or wrong hat. As long as it fits, it’s good to go! However there are some general rules to keep in mind when finding the perfect hat. We are all made differently, that’s what is so amazing. A general rule of thumb – know what shape face you have and then rock it. Round, oval, oblong, square, heart shaped? Each will wear a specific type of hat differently. Check the brim, height and look. Don’t let a hat overwhelm your face, it’s supposed to be an accent not the center of attention.

Where to wear?

Hats are meant to be bold and flirtatious but there is a right and wrong time to wear them. If you are inside at a restaurant or nice establishment and wearing a baseball cap, take it off. If you’re wearing a fashion forward hat it is socially acceptable to wear your hat inside. That being said fashion forward hats do exclude a big floppy hat. If you are brunching outside then absolutely rock that! Just remember your audience and location. If you have a gut feeling that you should take your hat off, take it off.

Hair styles for hats – do your thing! Personally I like long locks with a fashion forward hat. I just love the way it looks. But that is not to say that you cannot rock a fun side braid or messy bun with a hat. Especially baseball caps – that gives you free reign to do whatever feels comfortable.

Be sure to stay tuned for the big reveal of next week’s challenge! Hope to see you when I scroll through the hashtag!


Pink & polka.

Is anyone else so happy that it’s Thursday? 

I couldn’t be happier right now! Today I am sharing one of my favorite looks that I cooked up. I love layering and I love prints, AND I love layering prints. This look took everything that I love and pulled it together into one springy ootd. All these pieces are from Loft, and from last season. Don’t let that discourage you, there are plenty of pieces that can be used to mix and match, just be inspired and create your own layered look.


These cropped pale pink pants are great for the spring time. I also bought them in a blue patterned print and in a fun bright green. When you find a cropped pant that works in your favor, you buy it in every color possible. I love pairing different shades of pinks together, really can give your look some depth.


This tiered layering tank has tiny polka dots on it. I love the subtleness of this tank because it makes it really easy to pair with other prints and patterns without overwhelming your look. It was a no brainer adding my favorite polka dot blazer to the tank. Easy to pair everything, and layer it, all together for one cute look. Perfect for work or play!


I prefer nude shoes with this look, although that doesn’t have to be your go to. Flats, heels, wedges, sandals? All will work depending on where you are going and how much walking you will be doing. Nude heels were my choice for a day at the office.
I want to encourage you to try this trend of layering. It can be with jewelry or your actual clothes, be creative and make sure that it suits you and your unique style.

Welcome to Wednesday! 

Now that I have started to work out more regularly I am going to do a Work Out Wednesday post to hold me accountable, but also to share some of the struggles and triumphs that I have experienced through this journey. One of the really awesome things that have happened is having my friends come alongside me and work with me. My friends and roommate have been so amazing in encouraging/motivating and holding me accountable for accomplishing my goals.


Isn’t that what it’s all about? Being able to accomplish a goal, dream or challenge? Life is about growth and this is growth that I don’t necessarily like, or care for, but it’s important to me. It’s important to never walk alone – find people who will come and walk with you. Okay, now on to the good stuff.

So I just finished my second training session with my Fit Trainer at Fit Factory. Her name is Ashleigh and she is AMAZING. She gave me a work out that literally rocked my body in a way that i haven’t felt since college. So here’s how this works – I am doing 4 session with her (1 a week) for 30 minutes. Just a brief time before I head out to Hawaii to be able to learn some exercises that I will be able to learn and incorporate into my daily or weekly routine. I might continue this after I return but since I am on a budget, this will do for now.


Training session #1 – leg day! I couldn’t walk after this session for like 3 days and it was awesome. Here was my routine – I started with weighted “step ups” where you would hold weights in both of your hands and step up onto a fixture, one leg at a time and then step down again one leg at a time. 12 reps, 2 sets (doing each leg separately). This was oddly more difficult than I anticipated, after the first round I was feeling the burn. Lunges – 2 sets, 12 steps (doing each leg separately). It was nice having Ashleigh there with me to make sure that I was in proper form and not cheating!


The rest of the exercises were done on machines, except a band exercise that I did. I did curl ups, laying on my stomach and curling my legs up with the machine. 2 sets of 12 reps. Leg ups? I didn’t write down what these machines are called so this is what I call them! It’s basically just the opposite of the other one, I’m sitting and push the machine up with my legs, 2 sets of 12 reps. The sitting squat machine was intense since my legs were jello at this point, but we did 2 sets of 12 reps. Finally we did 2 sets of 15 reps with the calf raising machine – this one felt amazing. It was challenging but also felt like a strong stretch which was great.

It really has been amazing working out again. I’m feeling really good and making some progress and building stamina! Stay tuned for session #2 coming next week! 

Find it, for less.

One of the great things that I love about my blog is being able to learn about other people. Their likes/dislikes. I love being able to pick other women’s brains and get ideas for upcoming posts. I learn so much through other people and I think that is something valuable that all bloggers should really tune into. 

Every Tuesday I am going to try and do a tip – something that will be different, but useful, to your everyday life. Fun fact about me – when it comes to fashion “rules” I like to evaluate and normally break them. White after labor day? No. I wear white whenever I want, all year round. I love hearing about the rules that people come up with and seeing what I really think about them. That will be something that I want to share with my readers and challenge myself with!

Today’s post comes from my girlfriend Kaylen (@kaylen_bunton) she said that one of the things that she tries to find looks that she likes and then find them for a more reasonable cost. I think this is crucial because the fact of the matter is, not everyone has money to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on clothing/accessories. I like to see my fashion icons looks and then try to mimic them in a way that is affordable and also has my own personal take on it. 

Here are some looks that I love from some of my favorite actresses and musicians.


Lauren Conrad is by far, in my opinion, one of the most timeless and beautiful women in my generation. Her looks are classy, feminine and have a sweetness about them that I always look for. I love how she can take something casual, like ripped jeans, and make them into a cute ensemble with a top and shoes. She knows how to make any outfit look chic and intentional.


Jennifer Nettles is another that I love – her style can be so bold, and outside of my comfort zone. It makes me want to try new things, new trends. I think she is timeless in a totally different way, and the versatility that she has is so impressive.


Carrie Underwood, am I right? Her style has changed so much over the years but she always manages to stay true to herself. She always looks like “Carrie”. That is what I want, a changing style that ultimately doesn’t change who I am. It always has a piece of me, even when it’s outside of what my normal comfort zone would be.

Some stores that I tend to find great deals and items at vary – I always seem to find something at the Loft, Toby, Old Navy, Marshalls, Khols and Venus. Those are my immediate go to stores when trying to imitate someone’s look. I can always find something similar for an affordable price.

Also – for your instagrammers. Be sure to check out Alexis Atarian (@alexisatarian) she does her instastories with imitation inspiration. I love seeing her daily look and then seeing where she was inspired. Check it out, be inspired and be sure to try it yourself!

Cape Cod Fashionista – challenge

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! I hope your week has started off great. I am excited to announce a new post every Monday for my blog that is coming off of Cape Cod Fashionista. (@capecodfashionista) CCF is a brand of Loft where me and my fellow Loft girls can share our new favorites from the store and online.

One thing that I have always loved was doing fashion challenges. We decided that we wanted to start up our own fashion challenges and this week I want to introduce Hats! Be sure to join in Monday-Thursday – here’s how it works. Snap a pic of yourself in your hat, upload to Instagram and use the hashtag #capecodfashionista. Also, be sure to tag 2-3 friends to join in as well. It’s always fun doing things with your friends, so why not band together and do a cute fashionista picture together!

 We hope that you will join us! Recap is on Friday where we will share some of our favorite looks from this week’s challenge. Now, hats! There are so many different kinds of hats, you may be wondering where you can find them? Where do you wear them? Well the answer is, everywhere! I tend to find a lot of my hats at Marshalls, Charming Charlie and Loft. You can find these to be cute, fashionable and affordable.

 Find yours today and join us – we hope to see you on the hashtag!