Aloha everyone! Sorry for the delay it’s been a busy first few days here in Hawaii! I won’t lie, I’m having the best time here with my family exploring this beautiful island.

It’s been so busy between hiking and running off from beach to beach taking in as much sun as possible. (For those of you who follow me on Instagram you know I’m already burnt 😭)

Day one and two consisted of a beautiful hike up Makapu’u point and a trip to the beach. Traveling with two small babies is not easy but they are doing a great job keeping up with our fast pace.

I went with Old Navy athleisure and a Forever 21 beach cover up. More on the swim suits to come! Aloha!


The forever dress pant.

Confession; I am not a fan of trouser pants. I find they do not fit well and aren’t the most flattering. Especially if they are the linen material, am I right? Well Loft has skinny, skinny ankle and pencil fit dress pants that I personally think will be the forever pant. They are flatting in cut, modest in style and easily the most adaptable pant. I can dress up for work or dress down if I’m looking for a more casual look. I wear the Marisa fit; “a slightly straighter cut from waist to hip” but for you curvy gals there is also the Julie which is a “smaller at the waist and rounder in the hips” cut. See for more fit details.

I buy multiple pairs in multiple colors and prints; great for any season and any work environment. The options are endless at work when you have a great pair of pants to work around. Whether you want to wear a more oversized top or something more structured these pants won’t let you down in the style department. Plus with great sales constantly happening at Loft your wallet doesn’t have to suffer to obtain great style!


Why women don’t know what to wear to work in 2017.

Why can’t women find anything to wear for work in 2018? Well I think this actually dates back to 2017, maybe even further. Seems that although fashion continues to move forward with great styles and trends, the work environment is not moving in the same direction. I was reading an article today that was talking about how you know if something is “work appropriate” and one thing mentioned was if you need to wear a special bra, it’s not appropriate. BINGO! What a great tip. Honestly though, I think about all the tops that I’m always hemming and hawing over and playing the “is this allowed” game over and over in my head. Cold shoulder? Off the Shoulder? I mean these are all trends that are so hot right now but are they acceptable in the business professional workplace?

I think that many of the tanks, shells, blouses that are out in stores today are pushing many corporate boundaries with the excessive lace, shear material and random (or not so random) cut outs. We are in a fashion standoff between work and what should work. I have quite a few cold shoulder tops that I think are appropriate for the workplace but regardless of what I think, they’re not. There is something about a woman’s shoulders, that’s what I have read during my hours of research. Shoulders? I mean, I don’t have my arms hanging out, any cleavage or midriff showing…? As for OTS I say no way, unless you work in fashion (lucky ducks) or a reallllllyyyyyyyy laid back environment, I cannot imagine that being acceptable.

The really frustrating thing is that there are no ways around it. Layering? Well, what’s the point of wearing a cold shoulder shirt if you’re not going to actually show it off? You may as well not wear it at all, no one will know! Sometimes I will wear a tank top or shell with my blazer or cardigan on but off my shoulders, (especially when my office is a bajillion degrees) but again, not really professional when working with clients and higher management. I’m curious to see where fashion will take us this year. Will work wear expand as an idea? Or will the struggle continue for the women of America. What do you think?


The one look that’s never out of style.

One of my favorite looks is a chic, all black outfit. I love the way a slimming silhouette looks with some edgy accessories. I always encourage my friends and clients to make sure they have at least one staple black piece, especially if they are really petite. Black is slimming and when you are head to toe in black it gives the illusion of even more length to someone who may be short in stature.

I lengthened my already long silhouette in a pair of Loft Marisa Skinny Ankle pants, a tiered black tank and a long, open, pocket coatigan. If you want a more casual look you can substitute your dress pants for leggings or black skinny jeans. I also like to style with a pair of black heels, flats or booties but if you are looking for a little edge you can always put a pop of color or fun print on your feet! Here I have styled with nude heels for a natural, classic look. I’ve also been known to thrown on some leopard heels if I’m feeling feisty!


L&G casual wear.

Happy Saturday everyone. I don’t know about you but I have a long day of moving ahead of me but thankfully I will be doing it in style and comfort. This Lou & Grey sweater and legging combo is probably the softest, most comfortable thing that I own. These leggings are great even for a tall woman like myself. (featured in a size medium) for those of you who are on the more petite side, don’t panic you can wear them too. In fact, one of the girls I work with is really petite and we were the same size. Talk about versatility. They don’t stretch out or wear thin based on your size or height. They really are the perfect legging!

This slouchy shirttail tunic sweater was a hot item in our Loft store on Cape Cod. In a blink of an eye the pink was gone and there were only a handful left in grey. I went up a size here (size large) because I wanted a really oversized, slouchy look but in reality I absolutely could’ve stuck with a medium. It’s all based on your preference and desired style. This is definitely a casual look when paired with leggings but I have also worn to work with a pair of nice dress pants or a fitted skirt. (Fitted since the sweater is definitely NOT fitted, don’t want to give yourself a “frumpy” vibe) When snuggling at home without any intention of leaving the house I always pair with the leggings and then chances are you will never see me move from the couch.


Lose the luggage, take your look from work to play.

Welcome to the weekend, we are almost there! TGIF! This week has been busy between work, packing for Hawaii and also packing for my big move next month. I am really excited to share this look with you for today; there is something about polka dots and a crisp white blazer that just amps up your daily work ootd. I love how clean and classic it looks! I had so many people complimenting my look and asking about my blazer – cough cough Loft needs to bring these back – any who, let’s look at the deets.

So these navy Marisa skinny ankle dress pants are amazing, I have multiples in navy and black but also keeping my eye peeled on the website for some fun spring colors to brighten up my wardrobe. The fit is incredible and so flattering, I feel confident the moment I put them on. This navy, short sleeved blouse is another fan favorite every time I break it out of the closet. It’s light enough for layering and the cut is also flattering for all body types. (I’m wearing a size medium) and finally, this blazer. (insert heart eyes emoji) what can I say, it’s one of the best items I think I have ever bought from Loft. Flattering, comfortable, unique and classic. This textured blazer is untouchable by all the other blazers I own. It really dresses up any outfit whether paired with dress pants, a dress or even jeans. Perfection.

Accessories – I wanted to keep things looking classic and clean with a white and silver pearl necklace. I love how it’s bright, yet all cool, neutral white/silver colors.


Planning your GALentine’s Day!

For you single gals out there, like me, you may be dreading the impending doom that is Valentine’s Day. Well, I’m not, I leave for Hawaii that day (haha, sorry not sorry) I want to remind you that you are loved, cherished and special to many, including myself as your friendly tall, wanna be princess blogger friend. Each year I have a GALentine’s Day with my girlfriends (and sometimes our friend Matthew because he loves girls nights) and we have the best time together. So here is my chance to tell you to grab your girlfriends, dress yourselves all cute and either head out or stay in for a night of fun.

Next question I know you’re all asking… doing what? Well for those of you who like to stay in I suggest a movie marathon of romantic comedies (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days is a fan favorite), break open that nice bottle of wine or champagne and bake yourselves some festive cookies. I’m also a fan of the chocolate covered strawberries personally. I have done this quite a few times over the years and nothing ever compares to a great Galentine’s Day. One year we had a sleepover which consisted of matching pajama sets and so much more. Sometimes it’s nice to just be with good company.

If you’re more a fan of going out for a night on the town I suggest getting dolled up, find that roof top bar with a view and sip on some bubbly. If you’re really feeling up to it, a little dancing may be involved too. The possibilities are endless – enjoy!

Here are some festive V-Day looks for a night in or out with the girls. For those of you who are going out with your significant other, you’ll have to wait a few more days for your OOTD inspiration 😉 this one is for all the single ladies!


Swinging into spring.

I was looking through my closet the other day and noticed that I have so many swing dresses that I am constantly wearing to work. I was thinking about that, as I haven’t always been much of a swing dress kinda gal, and I realized the main reason for switching over was comfort. I love structured, flattering fitted work dresses but at the end of the day sitting in those, especially wearing a blazer, is not comfortable. I love that a swing dress can be easily layered both comfortably and in a flattering manner. In fact, since swing dresses aren’t the most form fitting dress layering them with a blazer or cardigan gives off the appeal of a more structured, flattering look. Which is what I’m always looking for.

This Loft statement ruffle back swing dress is a favorite of mine. (You may remember it from NYFW last year) Although the color is very spring/summertime chic you bet your ass you will find me styling it in the fall and winter time too. Black tights, boots and a black tweed blazer? SURE! Then to top it off, a little sparkle around the neckline. After all, the pretty ruffles in back aren’t being shown so you have to jazz it up a little bit.

Another look that I am absolutely loving is this gorgeous Medallion Sleeveless Swing Dress! It’s a must have for the spring and perfect for my upcoming vacation in just a few short days. The fit is great, in fact, I went from a medium to a large simply for length and it still was flattering and had a nice fit. So there is versatility there for you taller gals.

The fit that I am always looking for when wearing a swing dress is a structured fit through the arms, shoulders and chest then a free fall fit from there. Gives a flattering, comfortable look and feel to your work day outfit. Here are some of my wish list dresses that are hot this season.


I noticed this week that I started following a ton of new Style Collective accounts that I had not yet come across. If you are a female blogger you should absolutely check out Style Collective. It was one of the best things my girlfriend Jessy ever suggested. Not only do they have great tips, media kit guides and so much more – they are also a fun, creative, GIRL BOSS community of women who are able to support and bounce ideas off of each other. Last year I went to New York Fashion Week for the first time and attended the SC NYFW party; I was able to meet so many incredible women, many of which I still talk to on a regular basis. I love seeing them succeed, learn from their tips and pick their brain on new ideas or struggles I may be going through. It’s such a unique and amazing collection of women. Definitely check them out, it’s absolutely worth it and has changed the way I do blogging.

also, be sure to check out this gorgeous dress from Loft. Fits true to size and is perfect for any season. scroll all the way down for the direct link!

Loft dress link