InVest in this vest.

Welcome to Friday! I am so happy to see the weekend again, in fact, I have a fun filled plan of sleeping and spending time with family. Doesn’t get much better than that right? Today’s “here to there” feature is one that really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I decided that for the first time (literally ever) I was going to invest in a Faux Fur reversible vest from Loft. InVEST in a vest. HA, I’m so funny. Anywho, I am so happy with the results because I found that I really love the way this vest flatters and spruces up my look.

I decided to get all the faux leather that I own and throw it into one look. I grabbed this Faux leather skirt (also from Loft) and paired it with a cream long sleeved lace shell (also from Loft, do you think I shop here often?). I have to admit that I was at work and they paired this shell and the vest together on an outface and I was in love with the way it looked. So much so that the pairing was my first choice when I finally had the guts to wear it.

This vest is extremely warm, I will not lie to you I had to take it off a few times, which wasn’t a bad thing because I was able to show off the top too.  However the moment I had to go outside it was the perfect layer to keep me warm. Now, how to take this from here to there? Well technically the vest is what takes my look from day to night. The main reason I had worn it was because I had a team dinner with co-workers that night at a nice restaurant and I wanted to be able to jazz up my look a little. Just so happens that I wanted to wear it to work as well!

Thinking practically though, this vest could easily add a little extra to a pair of jeans and a long sleeve tee or a nice shell top. In fact, I wore it again with a pair of black jeans and a black pane blouse and it really gave the look a pop of color and attraction. I haven’t worn it full fur just yet, I’m sure I will, but right now the fur accent on the inside not only keeps me warm but gives a little edge that I really like for my own personal look.

Get this look today! Links included below!


Shell top


Work wear – blush tones in a long cardigan.

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA these last few days. I’ve been battling a cold and my brother and sister-in-law are in town from Hawaii so naturally I’ve been resting and trying to spend as much time with them as possible. Today I will share a work wear post that has some new Loft features that I have already been living in every chance I get. If you haven’t been to the Loft recently, you need to go STAT! So many incredible pieces for this season, I’m loving all of them.

This Faux leather skirt is not new to my blog, in fact, it’s becoming a regular piece that I am really enjoying styling. Yesterday I paired it with a tiered black tank, tights and a long, open, pocket cardigan that I just picked up from Loft. Now, I love these blush tones that seem to be everywhere this season but I have to be careful when pairing with my fair skin tone.

This cardigan is a great fall color and surprisingly a color I don’t wear a lot of. Maybe that’s what caught my attention? I love how long it is, seems to be the perfect length for women of all heights as I see it filtering throughout social media. I think that’s what is making Loft’s new line right now so clutch, there’s something for everyone.

Another fun feature that I want to share with you is this dainty pearl necklace combination. I love that the pearls also come with a pearl accented choker. I’ve never been a fan of choker necklaces but they have quickly grown on me, talk about making a comeback. I have a real soft spot for pearls as for me they incorporate class and a timeless beauty.


Thank you to our troops.

Welcome to our second week of “giving back”! This week as a part of random acts of kindness and giving back I wrote cards thanking our military for their selfless service. What about you?

I started writing thank you notes to our military around the holidays after teaching at Trinity Christian Academy a few years ago. I loved the idea that the children had and decided that I would carry that with me throughout life. Crazy what a bunch of 4th graders can inspire you to do, right? I cannot imagine being away from family or loved ones during the holiday season which is why I make a point to express my gratitude that I am able to do that, and freely.

It takes a really special kind of person to make the sacrifices that our men and women have made. Don’t take that for granted. Give back, get involved. There are so many great organizations that are specifically geared towards giving back and helping our military – past, present and future!


Getting started? Every new bloggers first question. 

One of the really cool things about being a blogger is meeting other bloggers. You get to collaborate, encourage and learn from one another. I am thankful my girlfriend Jessy introduced Style Collective to me as I started my blogging adventure. Style Collective, for those of you who don’t know, is an online platform that connects women with a community and resources for blogging in fashion and lifestyle. 

Style Collective changed my life in a blogging sense. They have given me so many resources to assist in planning and navigating “Style by Leanne”. It can be super hard to get started, hell I’m still in my first year and I’m still making daily adjustments, but I have the tools to get myself running.

One thing that I really like about Style Collective is the meets ups. A group of bloggers in your city getting together on a regular basis, I mean how amazing is that? I’ve been to a few, including one during New York Fashion Week, and those were some of the best times. It’s good to learn from other people’s successes and struggles. What works for me won’t always work for the next person. It’s good to keep an open mind and more importantly have a relationship with others to bounce off ideas etc.

If you are a blogger with a focus in fashion or lifestyle I highly recommend checking them out. I am willing to answer any and all questions (that I can LOL!) feel free to reach out if you want to know more.


Let there be plaid.

We made it to the weekend! Happy Saturday beautiful friends! I am glad you’re here. I am sharing a casual wear post today that I received a ton of great feedback on through Instagram when I first posted a sneak peek at my outfit. I love that so many of you loved the colors and style because it’s a go to of mine. Some of the pieces in this look are no longer available at Loft or Lou & Grey BUT there are similar styles out this year that you can choose from.
Let’s break it down for a moment; casual and a staple “fall in New England” kind of look. Loft modern Skinny jeans were a great pair with this Lou & Grey sweater and brown boots. That look would’ve been cute alone but to really add an extra kick of “fall” I threw on the purple puffer vest and plaid/checkered scarf. This scarf is from a few years ago but there are plenty of plaid scarves out there, literally you can find a plethora without even trying. Good news about the puffer vest is Loft has these back in stock and with some new prints to choose from as well. I’m personally a fan of the navy, floral one! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Go check it out asap!


Accessories; I didn’t want to overdo this ensemble since the vest and scarf are statements themselves. I went simple with some neutral Charming Charlie bracelets and my Jord watch, as well as a simple (yet statement) neutral earring from Charming Charlie as well. 

Easy to take yourself to any casual affair you may have going on for the weekend or after work, highly recommended while it’s cool, but not cold. Check out for more up to date options!


Here to there… in a little white blazer.

Here to there… in a little white blazer. I love, love, love me a little white blazer. It immediately grabs hold of your attention with a clean, crisp perception of class. I always recommend blazers for two main reasons; flattering silhouette and a “I mean business” appeal. I feel the younger generations don’t understand why blazers are so great, they just think it’s old school and unnecessary. They couldn’t be more wrong! I love wearing blazers with dresses, dress pants and most importantly jeans! 

Jeans with this white Loft blazer are one of my favorite looks to put together. I love the way the textured jacket dresses up a nice pair of jeans. Immediately you transform a casual, denim ensemble to a dressier “night out” look. Talk about taking your look from here to there, right?

 Now, doesn’t have to be white, there are other staple colors I find really can jazz up your look; red, white and anything bright or springy for those warmer months. Push the borders of your comfort zone, make your blazer that pop of color taking your outfit from good to great!


How charming.

Happy Thursday! We are almost to the weekend, I can see the light! Today I am featuring one of my favorite accessory companies, Charming Charlie. I am blessed to be one of their Charm Ambassador’s and for this post I am going to feature some of my favorite accessory looks from last month featuring bracelets. 

I’ve grown to really love stacking and pairing different bracelets together to create a unique look tailored to my style. In particular, I am loving anything that is pearl or beaded. Matching those different textures with a watch or statement wrist piece is something that I have truly enjoyed exploring over the last few weeks. Stay tuned, lots of great content is coming your way for next month.


Work wear, the cardigan.

Happy Wednesday! Today’s work wear post is courtesy of Loft and one of my favorite open cardigans. This Italian knit cardigan was one to not pass up last season. I’ve been searching for another for a while now hoping to come across something similar in another color. Haven’t found anything “on that level” of comfort yet, so the search continues. 

This ensemble is an all navy combination of a Ponte pant, tab sleeve blouse and cardigan with a splash of pearls to add a little sparkle. (and you know how I love sparkle!) so why all navy? Some may say this look is really dark, and you know what, you’d be right. I don’t mind a dark ensemble as long as it is slimming in nature, which this is. It’s the closest to all black I can muster up without actually wearing all black.


Features of the cardigan; ¾ sleeves and deep pockets, two of my favorite things aside from the obvious, warmth! The ¾ sleeves are great for any season and layering. Helping to keep yourself comfortable no matter what season you may be living in. Deep pockets are great because they are legit pockets in a cardigan. Literally, I can put my keys or phone in there without concern for ripping or stretching.


Final touches – some nude flats, Michael Kors purse, Loft pearl holiday necklace and Charming Charlie bangles for a little silver wrist candy!


Smile Brilliant update*

Let me give you a little update! I’ve been using Smile Brilliant for a few weeks now and oh my goodness, the results are incredible! I am actually disgusted at how stained my teeth used to be. I never really knew how stained they were until looking back on it now. The difference is incredible!
This product is fantastic, please don’t wait, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted. Check out Smile Brilliant today and smile fearlessly!

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Give back: you’ve been goosed!

First post of my holiday “give back” campaign! Welcome! For those of you who are just reading now, for the next two months I am challenging myself, and my readers, to do good deeds. Even if it’s just once a week, every act counts. My goal is to make the world a better place and to help shape the younger generation to keep the trend of peace, love and kindness growing.Today I goosed someone at work waiting in line for their coffee. After this weekend it was a “two coffee” kinda day, so while I was waiting in line for my second coffee and praying it would do the trick I decided to grab my “you’ve been goosed” card and offer to pick up the woman behind me in lines order. She was teary eyed as I explained the meaning behind the Goosey Fund and said she would love to keep the legacy alive.

Goosey is in regards to my dear friend Lauren. Lauren is more than a friend though, she is my second sister. The Fulone’s have been my family’s neighbor since I was born. They have been family my entire life, I cannot imagine life without them. Lauren, the youngest of three, was taken from us tragically in a car accident at the young age of 19. The Goosey Fund is in her memory and honor as we carry the traits and passions of an amazing young woman. Lauren loved to pick up the tab for people in line for coffee or out to dinner. It was one of the many generous things that she did daily. Today, we use these “you’ve been goosed” cards and there are thousands circling throughout God’s creation.

Being nice matters, having a heart for people matters; be intentional! The link to learn more about The Goosey Fund link is here – I want to challenge you to read up on an amazing woman, and get involved in your community. Every little bit helps to make this world a better place. If you have questions feel free to reach out to me. I would love to talk more about this Fund with you, as it is extremely dear to my heart.